“Thanks Michael”; Andrea Salcone from San Severo is the protagonist of a short that cries out for equality, beyond all diversity

His brother Giuseppe, the whole family and friends are proud of him and so are all of us.

Let’s talk about Andrea SALCONE, a very young boy from San Severo who is sweet, sensitive and intelligent.
We met him two years ago, on the occasion of an award given to him by virtue of his innate talent for dance.
And now the protagonist of a short shot in Anguillara and which, after being presented at the Rome Film Festival last October, was awarded at the Castelli Romani Festival, up to San Severo on the occasion of the Sa.Fi. Ter, or the “Salento Finibus Terrae”, International Short Film Festival.

“Even if it was not scheduled, we thank the entire Municipal Administration, as well as the Councilor for Celestial Culture IACOVINO for the personal commitment in being able to organize the screening, and the Artistic Director Romeo CONTE for having endorsed the broadcast of the short with Andrea as the protagonist”, his brother Giuseppe excitedly and proudly declares.
The film will be broadcast on Sunday 20 November at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Theater in San Severo around 7.00 pm, since it is unscheduled and given that the screening of other shorts, with open and free access, will instead start at 5.00 pm, 00.

The film, entitled “Thank you Michele”, is directed by director Rosario ERRICO, with story and screenplay by Stefano POMILIA, Rosario ERRICO and Francisco FERNANDEZ.
Several prominent actors took part, including Andrea RONCATO; Valerio CATOIA; Antonella PONZIANI; Luke LIONEL; Massimiliano BUZZANCA and Andrea SALCANO.
“Grazie Michele” was conceived and written to give light to people with disabilities, transforming barriers into a fundamental constructive value for the growth of children, raising awareness and promoting, through images, “diversity” by means of projections in schools ; on social networks; Festival and participating in conferences on the subject.

“Grazie Michele” obtained the qualification of National Artistic Cultural Film from the Ministry of Culture, Nuovo Imaie, Lazio Region and is co-produced together with Rai Cinema.

The two protagonists of the film are true disabled testimonials of the project.

“Through images and words we try to overcome the backward concepts of discrimination against incapacitated minorities, enhancing on the contrary, in a simple and direct way, the ability, moral strength, purity and support that certain people can give to those he is physically luckier”, declared the director Rosario ERRICO on the website culturaentità.it.

Michele is a boy with Down syndrome who loves to live life in a cheerful and carefree way, always smiling in the face of fate. With his inseparable friend Adriano, a paraplegic teenager, with a lively face and the soul of someone who feels free, they enjoy spending the day between jokes and jokes, leaving traces of their every passage in any corner of the country. Secretly in love with the beautiful Loredana, all occasions are good both to see her and to spend time with her.
Thus raids follow one another along the main street of the town aboard an Ape driven by Michele, our Andrea SALCONE, which cause amusing gags and romantic scenes, such as the almost sanctified vision of the teenager they are in love with. The barbershop, i.e. the meeting place of the city, hosts such goliardic jokes as to drive Michele’s father, Marshal of the Arma, “mad” who continually complains about his son’s too much liveliness. It will be Adriano’s mother who will open the marshal’s eyes, revealing the importance of the figure of Michele, a source of joy and positivity and a symbol of equality between people.

And this is the most significant message.
Equality so that it is fully achieved, together with the warmest wishes to our Andrea for a career that will continue enlightened under a sky studded with good.

“Thanks Michael”; Andrea Salcone from San Severo is the protagonist of a short that cries out for equality, beyond all diversity – La Gazzetta di San Severo – News di Capitanata