The Crown among the most viewed TV series on Netflix after the Queen’s death

That the life of the Queen Elizabeth II was full of episodes, dramatic moments and other lighter ones, by now it has been repeated over and over again. We knew it when he was alive, we were reminded immediately after the news of his death, which took place on 8 September last. And the TV series that most of all (also because the only one in doing so) can prove it to us is, of course, The Crown.

With the news of the Queen’s disappearance, the tv series of Peter Morgan she found herself at the center of the attention or, better still, of the curiosity of those who wanted to remember what Elisabetta had experienced during her long life without drawing on the current documentary or the long direct protagonists also of the Italian schedules.

During the past week, from 5 to 11 September 2022The Crown is back in fact in the Global Top Ten of the most viewed TV series on Netflix. With 17 million and 570 thousand hours visualized, the English series has caught up the seventh position. A significant result, for two reasons: the first is that the vision was driven by a fact that actually happened and not by the launch of new episodes which – as often happens – pushes subscribers to make a “Recap”, or to review past episodes to refresh your memory. The second is that given the news of the Queen’s death, which took place in the late afternoon of Thursday, the TV series was able to climb the weekly ranking in two and a half days, entering the Top Ten very quickly.

And we are sure that it has remained there also in the week that is about to end, perhaps climbing new positions in the standings: the numbers will be communicated only next week, but it is enough to see how The Crown has returned to be seen also in Italy to get an idea.

The seventh position we mentioned earlier concerns, as mentioned, all the countries in which Netflix is ​​present. In ours, again in the period 5-11 September, it has reached the sixth position. But that it is destined to rise is understood if we look at the daily Top Ten, the one that is proposed to us on the Netflix homepage every day: The Crown has long been fixed in second position.

A not just result for a series that, we repeat, has not proposed new episodes: the fourth season, the last distributed, dates back to 2020, so it has already been widely assimilated by the loyalists, while the fifth will debut in November.

At the beginning, we talked about the curiosity to discover the details of the Queen’s life by watching the TV series that more than any other production dedicated to her has also focused on the person and not on the role she has held for almost all of her life. But among those who have entered Netflix to see The Crown these days there are also those who, by dint of postponing the vision or not yet convinced *, have decided * to give Claire Foy first and Olivia Colman then an opportunity .

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