The Gray Man: the review of the Netflix movie

The Gray Man takes us on an adrenaline-pumping journey with Sierra Six and Lloyd Hansen. Here’s what we think.

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Based on the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man is the new movie Netflix original directed by the Russo brothers (The Avengers), that sees Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans And Rege Jean Page in the role of the protagonists. Made for $ 2,000,000, the film is the most expensive in the history of Netflix.

On the occasion of its release to the cinema and on Netflixafter having had the opportunity to preview it, we want to tell you what we think of this film that takes us on a journey made of adrenaline, action And breathtaking landscapesin the company of a protagonist who seems to be able to always getting out of troublegiving a perfect film with which to spend an evening full of twists.


The Gray Man

  • Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
  • Author: Mark Greaney, Serena Rossi
  • Series: New Newton Narrative
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 2022
  • Greaney, Mark (Author)

The Gray Man review

Gender thriller, The Gray Man brings the stories of Sierra Sixa former convict who, after being hired by Donald Fitzroy, is found to work as a hitman. Incredibly skilled at his job, Sierra suddenly finds himself in reversed rolesbecoming himself the target of an international hunt that he sees at the head Lloyd Hansena former colleague.

With a plot that immediately promises a title that can keep the viewer glued to the screen, The Gray Man opens showing us who is Sierra Six really and what makes it so special. In fact, from the very first minutes of the film The Gray Man shows us an atmosphere made of violence and secret missionsimmediately catapulting us towards what is meant to be the main plot of the film: what it makes Six the target of Lloyd.

Without delay, the film takes us on the run with Sierra, leaving us with bated breath in front of breathtaking images and a photograph studied down to the smallest detail and which allows us to feel inside the narrative, curious to find out how he will manage to get by. Sierra. Whenever he looks doomed, in fact, the agent finds a trick to be able to escape, revealing himself smarter than all the others. To help him we find the agent Dani Miranda, who turns out to be a character up to and capable of being an excellent shoulder.

To make the characters so believable and to help the narrative work is also the interpretation of the actors. Ryan Gosling manages to bring to the screen a well-rounded character, who with a simple glance allows us to understand all the thousand facets that arise in Sierra Six: from the ruthless assassin to the most sentimental part. Chris Evans instead it gives us a character crazywithout limits, always managing to appear credible even in the most extravagant moments, as well as Ana de Armas introduces us to a protagonist loud and full of character.

A special recognition goes without any doubt to the special effectswhich manage to capture the viewer scene after scene, fully showing the touch of Anthony and Joe Russo to the direction. The choice of using film footage with drones is also excellent, to give the viewer a different type of image for each place in the film, giving life to an exciting journey, which in its two hours never manages to get bored, but on the contrary entertains it. spectator and leads him to wonder what could happen in a possible sequel.

All in all The Gray Man is a film that can be watched from start to finish, perfect for an evening alone or in company at the cinema or in front of the TV.

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The Gray Man in streaming

The Gray Man is available on Netflix from the July 22, 2022. From the July 13 is available in select cinemas.

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The Gray Man: the review of the Netflix movie