The most intimate side of Mario Vaquerizo: from his long relationship with Alaska to his great sexual confession

Mario Vaquerizo He is one of the best-known faces on Spanish television. Married to Alaska since 1999, the showman 47 years old began his career as an artist manager and has continued as singer and collaborator of radio and television.

His beginnings were in the Faculty of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he graduated in the mid-90s. looks at that time it has nothing to do with what it looks like now.

“Yes, graduate in journalism, pBut how ugly… now that I’m a comic I look better and I’m happier… many kisses to all There are fewer girls left, “she said during confinement by sharing some photos of her university stage on Instagram.

“I saw college as a bureaucratic process. If I got A’s -which I did- it was to please my parents, but in the second year of my degree I was already looking for a life as a freelance in magazines and newspapers. What I am is a guy who is very alert and very intuitive,” he told about his time at the University in an interview in The newspaper.

He soon changed guilds and signed by the Subterfuge record company to promote groups. That job changed her life because, among other things, that was when she met Alaska, her partner since 1999. Then came her stage as an artist representative as Elsa Pataky, Dover either Eleanor Watlinghis television stage in programs such as reality show Alaska and Mario his books and, of course, his group Nancys Blondes founded in 2004, of which he is a vocalist and of which his sister Marta Vaquerizo is also a member.

The day Mario Vaquerizo kissed Alaska for the first time

Mario Vaquerizo Y Alaska They form one of the most solid couples on the current scene. Although their relationship has always been in the spotlight of rumors and comments, both have been able to show that their love is very strong and, above all, that it is true. In fact, they have been married twice. But how was the beginning of this love story?

The crush arose unexpectedly at a concert. “We caught the success, the ecstasy and I kissed him”, Mario Vaquerizo told about his first approach. At that time he was 25 years old and the singer was 36.

That kiss was reciprocated and marked the beginning of a relationship that was initially kept hidden from both friends and family. Mario Vaquerizo’s mother was the first to suspect. Six months later they said “I do” in Las Vegas. Alaska was dressed as Dolly Parton and Mario, as Elvis Presley

The wedding was also a secret until the magazine rolling stones sold the exclusive to What do you say!. As they recounted in their documentary, they felt very betrayed because América, the mother from Alaska, found out that her daughter had married Terelu Campos In a television program.

The other weddings of Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska

From one wedding comes another and On May 27, 2011, they remarried., but this time in Spain. It was in the Civil Registry of Madrid during the course of the reality show about their lives broadcast on MTV Spain. Ten years later they renewed their vows.

The famous crisis between Alaska and Mario

Things have not always gone smoothly in paradise. In an interview with Blood tiesthe program presented by Boris IzaguirreMario Vaquerizo was honest and told that he had suffered a relationship crisis with Alaska that ended in a breakup.

The artist himself acknowledged that it was his fault because he disappeared one night without warning and went on a “party”. The next day, Alaska broke up with him. “It made me reconsider and realize that there are things that should not be done, having your girl worried out of respect for her, saying that you are going somewhere and not showing up…”, he recounted what happened in the year 2000.

Alaska, for her part, confessed that everything had a solution if you really love a person. “Coexistence is difficult, it drives you crazy, but you are in love and then everything makes up for you. Everything is overcome as long as you love the other person and there are no major frictions on a day-to-day basis,” he added.

Boris Izaguirre took advantage of the interview to find out if they are an open couple, but both denied it. “We have a common universe, but also our own worlds, in which the other does not necessarily participate. Which doesn’t mean we’re what I imagine you would qualify as an open couple.”

Mario Vaquerizo’s sexual confession to Alberto San Juan

Mario Vaquerizo has no problem talking about his private life and he demonstrated it in the program unexpected encounters by Mamen Mendizábal in a talk with Albert San Juan.

The actor recommended him to go to a swingers club, and Mario Vaquerizo responded by telling him that he is “very modest”.

“I’ve never done it with strangers, They have always been people for whom I felt something”, acknowledged Mario Vaquerizo, who does not close the doors either. “You must not have prejudices, because you may be missing out on wonderful things. It’s never too late if the plan is good.”

“I’m not gay”

One of the things that has always been said about Mario Vaquerizo and his relationship with Alaska is that it is a cover.

Despite the fact that the artist defines himself as a “restless sissy”, he has always affirmed his heterosexuality, because otherwise he “would not be” with his “wife”. “I am not offended that they think I am, what bothers me is that they are underestimating my wife. Olvi is not going to be starving after 22 years together…”, told in an interview with readings.

victim of school bullying

Precisely his sexual orientation was the reason for bullying during his school years. “They came to throw stones at me and call me a fagot because I preferred to read the superpop instead of playing soccer,” he told in an interview with The mail.

His attackers had to deal with his closest circle. “First they were confronted by a friend of mine. And then my father, my brother and my uncle stood there and told them four things. They did not appear again,” explained Mario Vaquerizo, who did not always have the support of his family. “My mother told me: ‘Child, with how well things are going for you now, don’t paint your eyes, don’t wear heels,’ and I told her: ‘Mom I’m going to do it no matter what.’

Sure of his decisions, he recognizes that when you are training physically and psychologically “this affects you”.

The tragic loss of his brother Ángel

That brother who defended him was Ángel, the eldest of the Vaquerizo Caro, who died at the young age of 32 victim of a traffic accident.

“I was traveling from Benicasim to Malaga, because I was acting with fangoriaand suddenly the phone rings and they tell me that Angelito has had an accident…”, he told the program of Bertin Osborne in December 2015. “He was on a motorcycle and an ambulance took him ahead. I was in Malaga and they told me when we arrived at my parents’ house, in Madrid, and The bitch was that it was the moment in which my family was better”.

Ángel passed away on August 8, 2006 and periodically the singer recalls this sad story on networks: “Little Angel always by our side. We love you very much.”

Mario could not say goodbye to Ángel, but he assures that some time after his death he had the opportunity to do so: “One day, at night, my brother said goodbye to me. I didn’t see him, I just noticed that he was hugging me.”

Alaska remembers this time as the hardest time the family has experienced because “Mario went years without smiling.”

Marta Vaquerizo He also has his older brother present and, from time to time, dusts off the odd photo from his family album.

The hard loss of Susi Pop

Two years after Ángel’s death, Mario Vaquerizo had to face another heavy blow. Susi Pop, the real Nancy Blonde, threw himself from the viaduct of Madrid’s Bailén street. It was in November 2008.

Since 2004, Susi had been Mario’s great battle partner, both on and off stage. Thanks to the success she achieved as a guitarist and as second voice in choirs, she was able to participate in the Baile de la Rosa in 2008, where she shared a room with other princesses such as Carolina Grimaldi, Bibiana Fernández, Rossy de Palma, Pedro Almodóvar and Alberto II.

Susi Pop’s death was the hardest moment experienced by the band. “The worst thing is that one of the Blonde Nancys died, whom we miss very much, who was Susie Pop, the real Blonde Nancy.”

Mario Vaquerizo’s disease

Mario Vaquerizo surprised in 2018 when he revealed in an interview that He suffers from chronic osteoarthritis that does not allow him to lead a normal life. The artist stated in readings that the disease prevents him from carrying out activities of daily life, especially those related to physical activity and sports: “I continue with my physio, I have to continue taking care of myself and doing shoulder exercises because I have a part caught. I can’t even run or wash my hair“.

In addition, in the program Deluxe Saturday, confessed that his libido had been lost and that he did not “feel like” having sex. Similarly, Alaska stated in an interview on the anthill, that his partner “had completely lost his sexual appetite.”

However, despite the fact that at times he has “horrific” grips, the artist has declared on several occasions that accepts the situation and is learning to deal with it, since he is aware that the disease will stay by his side for the rest of his life.

The most intimate side of Mario Vaquerizo: from his long relationship with Alaska to his great sexual confession