The new popular fashion proposals in Colombia

Fortunately, in the field of fashion there is always an option for innovation, and the segments or niches that a brand can target are quite broad today.

It is possible to find something for all tastes, with colorful and fun designs that can give life to an entire look, or sober pieces that further elevate a complete look.

For this reason, from PUBLIMETRO we present 5 new fashion brands to have on your radar right now:


soloio is a men’s brand of Italian design that already has 3 stores in Colombia. The first store was founded under the name of Italian seteriain 1994 in the city of Madrid, dedicating ourselves to the design, manufacture and sale of ties, later, they expanded with new lines of garments and recently arrived in the country.

Classic garments with a modern design for those men who are looking to get out of their comfort zone a bit, but without leaving what is known.

adriana fernandez

Elegance, sobriety and timelessness are the best description terms for the designer’s brand. Adriana Fernandez, who also recently opened his boutique in the Zona Rosa of Bogotá.

The designer’s inspiration is precisely the women themselves: the fears, passions and dreams that are in each one. In his brand, Fernández manages to create an excellent balance between aesthetics, comfort and the rigor of a garment, which, although characterized by its sobriety, ends up being a must-have in modern wardrobes, because they manage to elevate any garment or look to a more elegant and chic style.

Fun Society

Who wouldn’t want to be transported back to childhood if they had the chance? Go back to those days where the only worries were attending classes and doing homework, spending the weekends eating sweets and watching cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, or classic Disney movies.

This is precisely the idea behind this fun brand called Fun Society, which with its accessories seeks to convey that feeling of happiness and in turn give a very unique touch to any garment or outfit. Rings in the shape of gummy bears, necklaces with donuts and bits of Hershey’s ‘dripping’ in gold are part of the jewelry references that this brand has. As an extra fact: FunSociety launched its first clothing line, and a few months ago they rebranded the brand, since it was previously known as ‘Vari’.


This incredible brand from Boyacá does honor and justice to the climate of this region with its hand-woven garments, all made by artisan women from there.

Maglione seeks to provide comfort and warmth with colorful and unique designs, which will undoubtedly become a favorite in the wardrobes of many. His line includes cardigans, jumpers, and vests that demonstrate that a knit garment can be worn both day and night, and in various climates, making them versatile.

They recently launched a collaboration with another Colombian brand: The Figueretti; and another with the content creator and fashion influencer @callmecumbiaand both have pieces that will give life to the pints of many.

GUZO Atelier

GUZO is a brand 100% proud of the Colombian Caribbean, which brings the resort to everyday life, with the intention of highlighting the craftsmanship, and everything that constitutes the Caribbean coast of the country, from its traditions to its textures.

They were recently part of Vogue’s Talent Corner in the most recent edition of Colombiamoda and they also had the opportunity to present themselves at Madrid Fashion Week. There they exhibited the ‘TOLÚ MANGROVE’ SS23 collection, where they demonstrated that it is possible to take a little piece of the Caribbean coast every day, with garments that are very wearable on a daily basis, but with colors and inspirations from this beautiful region of the country.

The new popular fashion proposals in Colombia