the news of the week: at school without masks and without teachers

September 17, 2022

This week the school started, the rigid anti Covid measures that characterized the last two school years will no longer exist. You will be able to stay in class without a mask and you will be able to have the desk mate back, without the obligation of distancing. However, the usual problems remain, such as school construction, the number of pupils per class and the high number of precarious teachers, to name only the main ones. It will be up to the future government to take care of it.

The penultimate political week preceding the elections was, as a rule, an orphan of the polls, but there was no lack of attacks between the various political forces, some victims even of friendly fire. The confrontation between Letta and Meloni, with Calenda playing the part of the third wheel, Meloni criticizing Salvini, accused of being even more controversial than the rivals of the center left. Berlusconi threatens to quit if the allies do not prove to be pro-Europeans, Conte bathing in crowds in his Puglia and in the south, the cradle of citizenship income. The whole political world agitated by the alleged Russian interference with the League that threatens lawsuits.

Ukraine advances and recaptures km of territories previously occupied by Russian forces. Everyone is satisfied with this result and claims support for the supply of arms to Ukraine, there is no more room on the winners’ wagon.

A few more days to wait for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, whose body was escorted to Westminster. The 16km long funnel line path demonstrates the compactness of the UK.

The Totti-Ilary affair is holding its own, whole sheets of articles have occupied the newspapers, for some even the front pages. Okay, football, a famous couple, betrayals, popular national events, but media overexposure is undeniable.

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New advance of Kiev the Ukrainian army advances to the north-east recovering over 3,000 square km of territory. The Russians take their revenge and attack the country’s thermal plants.

Kiev also advances south and recaptures another 20 locations. Putin enraged, rumors about the future resignation of the tsar.

The EU draws up the regulation for electricity, reduce energy consumption in 3-4 peak hours on weekdays, cap on corporate revenues from electricity, for businesses, solidarity levy on crude oil and gas profits. There is currently no agreement on the provision of a ceiling on the price of gas.

The US accuses Russia of having paid $ 300 million to 24 countries, including European ones, with the aim of influencing politicians. Maneuver aimed at conditioning the political and social dynamics of other states.

The pro-war hawks are now struggling, Putin: “in March the President rejected a peace plan”.

Meeting between Putin and the Chinese Premier calling for stability against chaos.


The school restarts without any particular restrictions, but organized for any eventuality. A new spike in covid cases remains to be averted. Conflicting opinions on the short week hypothesis, which provides for the possibility for students to stay at home on Saturday in dad for the expensive energy.

New aid is coming: extended bill bonus and extended smart working for those with fragile children and children under 14.

Our political forces are asking for the intervention of Copasir to clarify the alleged Russian interference.

The President of the Draghi Council telephones Zelensky and reassures him of the continuity of aid to Ukraine.

Giuliano Amato says goodbye to the Consulta.


Superbonus, the aid decree passes: facilitations in the transfer of credit for 110% relief. Fuels extension of the discount, smart working until December for the frail. However, there remains the stop to the fiscal delegation which contained other measures including the reform of the land registry.

An amendment by Forza Italia passes with the disappointment of the government which plans to remove the ceiling on executive salaries set at 240 thousand euros by the Renzi government. The question also involves the Quirinale which expresses its opposition by defining the rule as “inappropriate”. New government amendment restoring the roof. Tuesday last passage in the Senate.

The electoral campaign continues, Letta tries to play the game in the south, Meloni in his rally in Milan responds to the concern of the EU: I will defend Italian interests, Conte insists on no to sending new weapons to Ukraine.

The wide field returns, Orlando’s prophecy: “if we win a government with M5s and Terzo Polo”.

Letta and Meloni discuss family, Europe and reforms. The Pd secretary: “put our credibility in Europe at risk, No to presidentialism, yes to gay adoptions”. Meloni: “rebalancing the axis in Europe between France and Germany”. Secco no of both to future broad agreements. Salvini insists on the budget gap of 30 billion.


The Pope opposes the flat tax: pay high incomes. Reduce high income differences between workers.

In the United States, inflation does not give up, Wall Street collapses but Biden is not worried.

Electricity: price cap for businesses.

After Ita, a new duel between Lufthansa and Air France: they want to buy Air Portugal.


The Spanish writer Javier Marias, several times close to the Nobel Prize, died at the age of 70.

The Venice Film Festival is over, the Golden Lion goes to Laura Poitras’ All the Beauty and the Bloodshed. Guadagnino Silver Lion for Best Direction with the film “Bones and all”.

French director Jean-Luc Godard, the father of the nouvelle vague, has passed away.


Monza Grand Prix, Verstappen wins ahead of Leclerc.

Volleyball: Italy beats Poland and climbs to the top of the world after 24 years.

Football championship, Napoli, Inter, Milan and Lazio win, Atalanta slows down and draws, but shares the lead in the standings with Naples and Milan. Fourth draw for Juve. Success of Roma in Empoli.

Champions, Inter win against Viktoria Pizen. Juve collapses at home against Benfica, Milan and Napoli win.

Federer retires, goodbye to tennis at 41.


Fabrizio Corona: “Totti and Ilary have been betraying each other for years, the time has come to tell the truth”.


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the news of the week: at school without masks and without teachers