The ONCE Social Group launches the first accessible educational video game

ONCITY can be played on any device with a browser, with any type of control (remote game padmouse, keyboard, touch screen…) and screen reader connectivity for blind people.

This is the main teaching support material for all groups enrolled in the 39th ONCE Social Group School Contestwhich in this edition invites students and teachers from all educational centers to empathize, reflect and work to achieve cities and municipalities without barriers, promoting inclusion and accessibility of all people.

ONCITY, the videogame of the 39th School Contest that later it will be available for free and free for everyoneis made up of 12 minigames, more than 30 quiz questions and fun surprise content such as recommendations for movies, series or family plans, all commented in easy text and voice by the very diverse characters that inhabit this city of color and respect.

The objective of this interactive and entertaining material is to sensitize the participating students, inviting them to empathize with the people who have some type of disability (visual, auditory, physical or intellectual)through an inclusive experience where each game played and each route made by ONCITY will be a learning experience and a new sensation, since the video game is 100% accessible in its configurations and challenges to be played for the second and third time, finding in the game other different situations, activating its accessibility options and settings.

Video game image at schoolFor example, with ultra-large fonts and strong contrasts (as a visually impaired person would play), without volume or sound cues (as a deaf person would), or by interacting with the screen with the chin or elbow (for a deaf person). with physical or motor disabilities). ONCITY is for everyone and allows you to customize your experience and try it out with other settings.

The video game freely travels and explores the different areas of this city to meet its inhabitants and their realities or specific needs, making spaces such as the Museum, the Supermarket or the Park more accessible along the way, and finishing the pleasant walk full of challenges in an end level, the City Council, where they ask the mayor of ONCITY to hang the “inclusive canvas” from the building and inaugurate the Calle de la Institución in the city.

Participate in the 39th School Contest

This 39th edition of the ONCE Social Group School Contest presents a current, attractive, immersive pedagogical proposal based on LOMLOE, to promote efforts in values ​​such as teamwork, camaraderie, inclusion and total equality from the educational stage. .

Participation image to design a canvasParticipation in this edition will be by complete classrooms, having to make a canvas, as a billboard, with a design that highlights the importance of achieving a city without barriers, as well as an inclusive society. Anyone who completes a complete game of the video game will be able to see an example of an ‘inclusive canvas’ hanging from the private and central ONCITY Town Hall.

All students from public, concerted and private Spanish educational centers can participate, from Primary to Secondary, as well as Special Education and Vocational Training.

The participation categories are: A (3rd and 4th grade), B (5th and 6th grade), C (1st-4th ESO and Basic Vocational Training) and E (Special Education). All of them will participate under the same conditions and will have to present the same work, the canvas of inclusion.

To carry out the proposed work, teachers have available teaching material (in online format), prepared by experts in the field, on the different types of disability and about accessibilitywhich will serve as support to facilitate participation and understanding of the theme of this edition.

Students participating in the School Contest of the ONCE Social GroupThe Contest has a new prize for the teaching staff that will consist of a weekend experience for those who register the most classrooms and present the most works, in recognition of their work during the development of each edition of the contest. A total of 4 prizes will be awarded corresponding to each of the categories of participation.

In addition, the winning groups in the regional phase and the finalists in category E, both schoolchildren and teachers, will receive a smart watch (a smart watch). And the winning groups at the state level will have the opportunity to enjoy the Inclusion Festivalan event that will take place in its own educational center and that will feature various leisure and cultural activities, such as music, a gaming space or different tests and challenges.

The jury will value in a special way the creativitytaking into account the originality of the work and the graphic representation, the adequacy of the message to the values ​​of the theme of this edition, and especially, that the works presented are accessible for all people with disabilities, considering that it is one of the most important aspects towards social inclusion.

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The ONCE Social Group launches the first accessible educational video game