The ONCE Social Group School Contest presents an original learning tool in its most innovative edition

The ONCE Social Group For almost 40 years, it has been developing one of the most recognized and valued school competitions by Spanish teachers. An educational awareness program that promotes values ​​such as inclusion, solidarity, critical thinking, the active role of students and collaborative work.

In its 39th Edition, the School Contest wants to innovate and surprise students through an original learning tool: a new way of turning young people into agents of social change and actively raising awareness.

ONCITY. The video game that makes us equal

The proposal brought to us by the 39th Edition will make students aware of inclusion while having fun. Through educational methodologies that are increasingly present in classrooms such as gamification, ONCITY. The video game that makes us equalwill motivate students’ curiosity, learning and empathy with the different capacities that coexist in society.

Through this accessible video game that offers students perhaps, mini-games and other surprises, they will acquire knowledge about accessibility and discover new cultural content that raises awareness of inclusion, such as series, games, books or movies.

Available to registered participants on the Contest website, students will be able to access the game whenever they want and discover new learning in each game.

Although the students will be able to use the tool individually, the participation work will be for complete classrooms and through the digital whiteboard that they will find on the platform created for the 39th Edition. As a team, each classroom will have to make a virtual banner as a billboard, which will hang from the Oncity town hall. Its design, as well as its message, will have to value the importance of achieving a city without barriers and an inclusive society.

To carry out the proposed work, teachers have available teaching material (in online format), prepared by experts in the field, on the different types of disabilities and on accessibility, which will serve as support to facilitate participation and understanding of the theme of this edition.

Students from all public, subsidized and private Spanish educational centers may participate in the Contest, from the 2nd cycle of Primary to Secondary, as well as Special Education and Vocational Training. The participation categories are: A (3rd and 4th of Primary), B (5th and 6th of Primary), C (1st-4th ESO and Basic FP) and E (Special Education). All of them will participate under the same conditions and will have to present the same work.

The jury will value creativity in a special way, taking into account the originality of the work and the graphic expression, the adequacy of the message to the values ​​of the theme of this edition, and especially, that the works presented are accessible to all people with disabilities. disability, considering that it is one of the most important aspects towards social inclusion.

In recognition of their work during the development of each Contest, this edition comes, among other novelties, with a new prize for teachers, which will consist of a weekend experience for those who register the most classrooms and submit the most papers. A total of 4 prizes corresponding to each of the categories will be delivered.

In addition, the winners in the regional phase and the finalists in category E, both schoolchildren and teachers, will receive a smart watch.

Finally, the winning classrooms at the state level will have the opportunity to enjoy the Festival of Inclusion, an event that will take place in their own educational center and that will feature various activities such as music, space gaming or different challenges.

As every year in the history of this school contest, more than 2,000 teachers and 150,000 students work in the classroom on issues that have to do with their closest social environment and that have circulated around themes such as inclusive recess, respect for differences , inclusion in sport, or work to make our closest environment more inclusive.

Join the new edition and work with your students for a city without barriers!



Sign up now on their website http://www.concursoescolaronce.escalling 900 808 111 or writing a WhatsApp to 682 789 326.

The ONCE Social Group School Contest presents an original learning tool in its most innovative edition – Magisnet