The preview of the Rose Bowl 2022

The NCAA bowl season has begun (here the complete calendar) and as tradition we will publish previews and reviews of the matches, merging them given the high number scheduled The preview of the Rose Bowl between Utah Utes and Penn State Nittany Lions. Games broadcast by ESPN or ABC are viewable on ESPN Player.


Matches: Utah Utes (10-3) vs Penn State Nittany Lions (10-2)
Place: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.
Date and time: Monday 2 January, 11.00 pm (Italian)
From: 1902
Conference Involved: BIG10, PAC12


The first edition of rose bowl, then known as the “Tournament East-West football game”, it was played on January 1, 1902 and gave rise to the tradition of the New Years Bowl. Designed to help raise funds for the Rose Parade, the challenge between Ned Yost’s Michigan, to represent the East, and his former Stanford, played at Tournament Park in Pasadena (Rose Bowl Stadium will arrive a few years later) was resolved in such a massacre, a 49-0 without appeal in favor of the Wolverines, that until Washington-Brown on January 1, 1916 everything will be organized to help the parade except football games.
Thanks to the growing popularity of the challenge in 1922 what we know today as will be built Rose Bowl Stadium which until 1998 will remain the largest stadium in the entire nation, reaching its peak between 1972 and 1997 with 104,954 seats subsequently reduced to the current 92,000 which still represent the largest capacity among stadiums that host university bowls. The Rose Bowl is the only one of the New Year Six Bowls not to be hosted in an NFL stadium.

In the first thirty years there have been many matches involving the best teams and the best coaches of the nation: the Four Horseman of Knut Rockne and Stanford’s Pop Warners, the 1926 Tide or the 1940 challenge between the Trojans by Howard Jones and the Vols of Bob Neiland are just some of the games that have contributed to the “greatness” of Rose Bowl who in those years compared unbeaten teams ten times.
Passed through a multitude of agreements between the various conferences and their denominations, the Rose Bowl has never denied its origins by remaining a game between teams from the East coast opposed to those from the West Coast. With the advent of the BCS era, from 1998 to 2014, it was “equated” to the other BCS Bowls (relative to team selection) and was the scene for twice of the national final.

In the 2002 the final between Nebraska and Georgia marked the first Rose Bowl since 1946 in which teams from the B1G and PAC12 did not play each other. The 2006 National Final between Texas’s Mack Brown and the USC’s Pete Carroll it is considered by many to be the greatest college football game in history.
The 100th edition of the Rose Bowl, held on January 1, 2014, saw the victory of Michigan State up Stanford for 24-20
Since 2014, with the advent of the College Football Playoffs, the Rose Bowl has become one of six bowls that rotate to host the semifinals of the national championship. In 2018 the national semifinal between Georgia and Oklahoma, won by the Bulldogs, was the first Rose Bowl finished in overtime.


In 1942, out of fear of a Japanese attack on the West Coast, the Rose Bowl was hosted in Durham, North Carolina, on the campus of the Duke Blue Devils who played and lost to Oregon State


Utah arrives at Rose Bowl for the second consecutive year as champion of the Pac 12 and with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses. The Utes have amply proven to be a solid program with a well-defined identity and this is due to the work of Kyle Whittingham who has been in charge of the Salt Lake City team for 18 years. The key player is undoubtedly the quarterbacks Cameron Rising who, in his last collegiate game, will try to bring the victory of the prestigious Bowl home. Utah will have to do without two point guard who have been decisive in the last two seasons both in attack and defense: Dalton Kincaid (TE) e Clark Phillips (CB) will not be in the match. If in attack we expect the usual methodical approach from theoffensive coordinator Andy Ludwig and we can therefore foresee the growth of new elements in Kincaid’s place, Phillips will be much more difficult to replace. Rising shares the backfield with a selection of running backs very interesting from Micah Bernard until you get to Ja’Quinden Jackson who, converted from the QB position, produced a sensational season which culminated with the decisive performance in the final of the Pac 12. Watch out for this boy also for the future.

Positive season also for Penn State (10-2) which proved to be decent in defense and very explosive in attack thanks above all to the new lifeblood brought by the duo of true-freshman Nicholas Singleton and Kaytron Allen (1771 and 19 touchdowns in pairs). Something was missing to worry Michigan and Ohio State in the Big Ten East and it is clear that James Franklin’s team is not yet at that level. He is always at the helm of the attack Sean Clifford who broke all school records (passing yards and TD extension) and will attempt to round off a season. Even if he doesn’t have the talent of other interpreters of the role, his leadership and his physicality will be essential to face a tough opponent like Utah with the right attitude. The defense of Manny Diaz has produced a lot of negative plays this season and has proved aggressive despite some empty passes that cost dearly in the decisive games. The Nittany Lions will have to do without the defensive back Joey Porter Jr. (opt out), clearly the best player in the department.

It will be interesting to see which of the two teams manages to pick up the pace of the game. Both like to run and have the right players to prevail over each other but Penn State will have to be careful not to let Rising get into rhythm. Utah as usual will try to get to the quarterbacks as much as possible, however to limit Singleton it will take something more and some specific adjustments. The Rose Bowl is, fortunately, one of those games for which there is no need for extra motivation: a victory for both teams would put the proverbial icing on a great season.

The preview of the Rose Bowl 2022 – Huddle Magazine