The prosecutor maintains his petition for the internment of those accused of raping a schoolboy with Asperger

Seen for sentencing. The prosecutor has maintained his accusation for sexual assault against the 4 adolescents tried in Barcelona accused of gang raping a classmate from their school, in Vallirana, with Asperger syndrome.

He requests 2 years of internment in a closed regime for each of those defendants, now of legal age and who were between 14 and 15 years old when the events occurred. The private prosecution, on behalf of Sergi’s parents, has maintained their request for 4 years of internment, also closed.

The defense, for its part, requests acquittal considering that the facts have not been proven. The defendants affirmed on the first day of the hearing that Sergi had invented the account of the facts.

A bit in your favor

The syndrome suffered by Sergi gives a lot of credibility to his version. Psychologists don’t think you can fabricate your story

Both the prosecutor and the private prosecution, exercised by the lawyer Juan Manuel Ruiz de Erenchun, base the accusation on the reports of ex officio psychologists, who on Wednesday reiterated in that trial that the specter suffered by Sergi plays, in this case, at his favor.

According to these experts, it is very strange that minors with Asperger syndrome lie or can tell stories to the point of recounting sexual assaults as brutal as those narrated by Sergi.

Sergi’s parents (in the center of the image), on Tuesday before the Barcelona court where the hearing is held

Ana Jimenez

The events, now seen for sentencing, occurred in the fall of 2018. Sergi maintains that for months he was subjected to bullying by a group of students from a higher grade than his. Sergi was then only 13 years old.

From the mockery, humiliation and insults he went, on at least three occasions, to those alleged sexual assaults denounced by the schoolboy.

In one of those episodes, he could be heard in the courtroom, they put him on all fours and tried to penetrate him.

They also introduced him, says the minor, a stick through the anus. All between big laughs while those alleged aggressors told him that he was going to get pregnant.

a harsh story

Sergi recounts very crude sexual assaults, which the defendants deny… The defenses ask for the acquittal of those 4 teenagers

The minor has not had to appear at this hearing and the statement made before psychologists and judicial personnel is considered good -as preconstituted evidence-.

The school was separated from the criminal case, but not from the civil one. So he is considered, in case of conviction, as subsidiary civil liability. The family claims compensation of 85,000 euros.

During Wednesday’s session, several officials from that school in Vallirana also testified. They assured that they activated the anti-bullying protocol when they learned of Sergi’s complaints.

The school defends itself

The center assures that they activated the anti-harassment protocol, which the minor’s parents have once again denied in this trial

And they maintain that the sexual assaults, which according to Sergi occurred in a place known as “la padrera” happened, if they existed, outside the school grounds.

Pilar reiterated on Tuesday, when it was her turn to testify, that this cruel episode of bullying “has destroyed the whole family.” The woman said, when the case was seen for sentencing, that now they would wait for the sentence to be heard.

But he already announces that his fight, together with the NACE association and Kira’s parents, “will continue until we get more involvement in these matters in schools and a law on bullying is created.”

The prosecutor maintains his petition for the internment of those accused of raping a schoolboy with Asperger