The PSOE leaves Madrid with the candidacy of Reyes Maroto for Mayor

The elections at municipal Y autonomous of the next month of May they have already warmed up engines, and in the city of Madrid, with the PSOE at the helm, have already uncovered the first of the surprises in terms of the confirmed candidates. We are talking here about what is, to this day, the Minister of Industry, Maria Reyes Maroto.

Thus, the Socialist Party has elected the government executive to preside over the Madrid City Council, Therefore, he will fight for leadership at the polls against José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who continues as the top favorite to continue as mayor of the Spanish capital.

This is news that has surprised locals and strangers, even more so seeing how the PSOE kept with suspicion all the rumors that they placed different personalities weeks ago, both from the world of politics (and from the Government itself) and others from abroad. This was the case, for example, of the television presenter of Sálvame, Jorge Javier Vazquez, whom the party did not deny in the first instance until hours later. In the pools, names such as that of Fernando Gomez-Marlaskaand even those of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero either Rafael Simancas.

The PSOE-M chooses María Reyes Maroto to create a fortress in the city of Madrid

In any case, the PSOE-M proposal for Maroto has no other reason than to fortress, and more coming from the position she held, that of Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. A representative image of what is sought in the current Socialist Party, without forgetting that it is also one of the trusted names of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and with whom he maintains a good relationship with the general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid, Juan Lobato.

Thus, the choice of Maroto is also motivated by giving a air, wisdom and political opportunity new to what was the great disappointment of the 2019 elections, when Pepu Hernández, who was the Spanish basketball coach, appeared in the same place.

This is why from the Madrid Socialist Party they seek that the place of Reyes Maroto be maintained over time, get mayor or not in the elections on May 28. Thus, the intention is none other than that the image of the still minister and new candidate extends beyond what is seen in her government tasks, being a “necessary profile”, even from the opposition.

Who is Reyes Maroto and why is he important to preside over the Madrid City Council

For his part, and as reported days ago The Digital ConfidentialReyes Maroto had the blessing of Sánchez, where she “accepted the challenge a month and a half ago, in September, knowing that it is an important advance in her career,” they say.

Because if; It is true that the 48-year-old candidate is not the main protagonist on a day-to-day basis, nor is she the one who makes the most interventions, or the politician who appears the most times on talk shows or television programs. but probably that unknown profile be one of the more weighty reasons within the PSOE-M to opt for Reyes Maroto, who, until his place in the Ministry of Industry, did not have much professional relevance either.

we talk about a Madrid university professor who later worked at Fundación Ideas, an initiative dedicated to the development and orientation of education and solidarity action for School Failure and the loss of values ​​in our society.

In parallel, the born in Valladolid (Medina del Campo) also worked at International Financial Analysts, among other destinations, just before beginning his political trajectory, in 2015. That year he was ranked number 20 on the PSOE lists for the regional elections in May.

Spokesperson for the Budget, Economy, Finance and Employment Commission, Maroto resigned from her act in June 2018, when Pedro Sánchez elected her as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. From the PSOE in Madrid they define the candidacy of Reyes Maroto for Mayor as “great news” because it is, according to what they say, a “tireless worker and talented negotiator. Will the Socialist Party be able to govern this time in the city of Madrid and take the mayoralty from the Popular Party and Almeida?

The PSOE leaves Madrid with the candidacy of Reyes Maroto for Mayor