The Voice Kids: a candidate can no longer participate in the show, here’s why!

The battles of “The Voice Kids” began on September 17. For the adult version, the battles are between two participants. In “The Voice Kids”, it’s a group of 3 young singers who have to compete. If everything went well for other coaches, Louane had to face the absence of one of his talents. We explain the reason to you.

Zineb will no longer be in the adventure

The little proteges of Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac and Julien Doré have all proven themselves. As for Louane’s team, only two young singers showed up. Zineb, who took over the title “One and Only” d’Adèle at the blind auditions, was absent.

The young candidate could not come to France and therefore missed the battles. You should know that Zineb, aged 15, is of Moroccan origin. The borders of Morocco were unfortunately closed during the filming of the battles.

What kept her from continue his adventure in “The Voice Kids”. Louane said it was a shame while acknowledging the teenager’s incredible talent. She won’t participate in the rest of the adventure, but she can come back next year.

Zineb may also wait a few years before appearing on the adult version of the singing show. If the adventure ends there for her, a former season 5 contestant from the show had made a comeback. This is Carla Lazzari who came as co-coach of Patrick Fiori.

The singer is also candidate for the 2022 edition of ” Dance with the stars “. By confiding in Télé-Loisirs, the former participant finds that the program is “a great opportunity” for budding singers. She then confided that “The Voice Kids” opened to him “many doors”.

“If the same thing can happen to them, that’s great. They have to go for it,” says Carla Lazzari.

Julien Doré and his dream hair in The Voice Kids

This episode of “The Voice Kids” particularly made noise on social networks. And for good reason, one of the 4 coaches managed to charm fans of the show. It is none other than the new coach, Julien Doré.

Internet users were always satisfied with his professionalism as a coach. This time around, the subject of the tweets about him has nothing to do with his role. During this first evening of the battles, the 40-year-old singer left her hair down.

An attractive detail that did not fail to ignite internet users. The twittos went to send their love for Julien Doré. While a netizen wrote that it was ” too handsome “ another simply said she was in love with the singer.

A user said she was jealous. After all, who wouldn’t want todreamy hair like that of Julien Doré?

” It’s violent “

Later that evening, fans of the show got to talking about the eliminations. The choice during the battles was no small feat for the 4 coaches. The rules of the game oblige them to choose only one among the 3 young singers who competed.

children’s dream participating in “The Voice Kids”, is to reach the final and win. Viewers were saddened to see the children return home with a shattered dream.

“I absolutely cannot bear to see these children crying, as if their dream is collapsing. It’s violent. While they have their lives ahead of them”, “It’s the game, but it’s always horrible to see these little bits get eliminated… Congratulations to Arthur…”, can we read on Twitter.

In addition, other network users mentioned some malicious tweets. Indeed, viewers of the show took the liberty of criticizing the participants of “The Voice Kids” during their performance.

Comments revolved around the level of talent and also on their physique. Internet user even compared the show to one “fair”.

“Beware of mean reviews on this hastag, kids are reading and it’s hurtful thank you”, writing a network user.

The Voice Kids: a candidate can no longer participate in the show, here’s why!