The Youth Book and Press Fair in Seine

France Inter takes on the colors of

Book and youth press fair in Seine-Saint-Denis with, on the air, numerous programs devoted to children’s literature. Dedications, podcasts and many surprises await visitors at stand F35 on the 1st floor and during a school meeting around

The Odysseys of Laure Grandbesançon *.

►►► Go to the lounge on the France Inter stand (F35) to find the whole universe of our youth podcasts and have your favorite books signed!

► Dedications:

  • Saturday December 3 at 10 a.m.

Critters – “The Louse and the Marmotton” : signature with the author Isabelle Collombat and the illustrator Julie Colombet

  • Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December at 4.30 p.m.

The Odysseys – Volume 2 : signature with Laure Grandbesançon accompanied by illustrators Cruschiform and Gashole

  • Sunday December 4 at 12:30 p.m.

Oli – “Opaque and Opaline » : signature with Alex Vizorek

  • Friday December 2 at 10:30 a.m. on the upper stage

Meeting with Laure Grandbesançon around the Odysseys with schoolchildren

* Laure Grandbesançon : author and interpreter of the podcast “

The Odysseys” on France Inter – debuts on stage in “

The Odysseys. The show” to

Free Theaterfrom October 22 to January 1, 2023 – author of 2 books “

The Odysseys – Myths and legendary stories told to children” published by Les Arènes / France Inter

SLPJ21 - children and book -
SLPJ21 – children and book –

– Eric Garault

“Desires of worlds”!

Desire stimulates, reverses, invites us to movement. It electrifies and directs. It broadens the horizon and feeds the imagination. As for the world… Who, today, would venture to declare it desirable? So what happens when desire challenges the world? When one sticks to the other, in the plural? Thus, with a bit of mischief and a lot of appetite, the theme of the 38th Salon has imposed itself.

►►► The editorial worlds of the Salon:

On two floors, 400 exhibitors of all sizes, a large market for small editions, thousands of different stories, for children, for juniors and for teenagers, hundreds of thousands of books, poetry, theatre, novels, albums, game books, comics, mangas, graphic novels, philosophy, documentaries, thrillers, historical novels, fantasy… and just as many atypical unclassifiable books. The world of children’s books takes a capital S.

►►► The literary worlds of the Salon in 14 steps :

At each stage, each space, each time of the Salon, meetings, shows, readings, workshops to familiarize with literary creation, the strongest languages, the most sensitive universes. The most singular worlds carried by more than 200 autrices, authors, illustrators, illustrators on the program.

►►► On TV from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. :

To discover the underside of the creation of children’s literature with those who make it. La Télé du Salon opens its antenna for 3 hours of broadcasting per day. On the grid: 6 original creations and 3 live sets. La Télé du Salon, in partnership with Museum Paris Tv and Vià93, can be found on channel 34 of TNT (Île-de-France), on boxes SFR 468, BBox 405, Free 904, Orange 345. Program, direct and replays on

►►► The Big Dipper 2022: Marc Boutavant, the mischievous gaze

Born in Dijon in 1970, Marc Boutavant is an author, illustrator and cartoonist. Whether it’s Ariol, Mouk, Edmond or even Rotten Dog, his characters have nothing to envy to the real bands of friends to which we are necessarily attached. There are in the pictures of Marc Boutavant appetite, roundness and color to celebrate the joy of being together, of always discovering further. Hilarious illustrations, teeming with details, gag situations, generosity and humor to marvelously render both the serious and the burlesque… A fantasy also that focuses on childhood and its thousand and one ways of to be in the world and this for more than 20 years!

SLPJ21 - children and books
SLPJ21 – children and books

– Eric Garault

►►► The Nuggets 2022 : A prize from the Book and Youth Press Fair – France Télévisions

Among all the books published this year, the reading committees have selected 20 singular worlds, 20 finalist titles for the Pépites 2022. These works are submitted to juries of 36 young people, aged 8 to 18, who will nominate their Pépites on Wednesday, November 30. On the same day, and on all the titles in the running, the jury of literary critics will deliberate to award the Golden Nugget to the best book of the year.

► Illustrated books

  • Reglobus, Peter Alexis, The part
  • Played hide and seek ? Lea Viana FerreiraCotCotCot Editions
  • The imagination of the senses, Anne CrausazAskip
  • At first, Ramona Badescu and Julia SpiersThe big people
  • Hekla and Laki, Marina Schneider, Albin Michel Youth

► Junior fiction

  • The Magicians, BlexbolexThe part
  • Maldoror – Volume 1: The Children of the Legend, Philippe Lechermeier, Flammarion Youth
  • Thank you for the tenderness, Myren Duval and Emma ConstantLe Rouergue
  • What do we do when it rains? Ralph Doumit, ill. Julia Wautershelium
  • lipstick spaghetti, Fabien ArcaSpaces 34

► Comics

  • Furious, Geoffroy Monde, Mathieu Burniat, Dargaud
  • Filthy ! Elizabeth HollevilleGlenat
  • The Shadow of the Pines, Cecile Dupuis, Valerian GuillaumeGraphic turns
  • The weight of heroes, David SalaCasterman
  • Vermin City, The Giant’s Tomb, Julian LambertSarbacane

► Teen fiction

  • Grand Passage, Stephanie LeclercSyros
  • They came from the cold, Caryl Ferey, Pocket Youth
  • misfortune, Laurence BiberfeldIn8
  • Possession, Mochathe school of leisure
  • black sands, Herve Giraud, Thierry Magnier editions

SLPJ21 - children and books
SLPJ21 – children and books

– Eric Garault

►►► The exhibition

The world… how do you want it? Already finished or to invent? Wacky or poetic? Messed up or tidy? Contemplative or fantastic? To each and everyone his quest, his horizon, his path.

This exhibition stages six albums that project singular worlds, crosses six graphic universes that sharpen the desire to get moving, six sensitivities that shape the world in plurality. This exhibition, resolutely turned towards Europe and the Mediterranean, invites us to open the windows of teeming worlds towards which to be transported.


Book and youth press fair in Seine-Saint-Denis

The Youth Book and Press Fair in Seine-Saint-Denis from November 30 to December 5, 2022