There will be a film based on Erin Doom’s “Maker of Tears”

It’s official: Colorado Film has bought the film rights of the bestseller of the moment. We are talking about Manufacturer of tears from Erin Doomthe story that has conquered and that has excited the generation Zand not only.

The book, published in May 2021 by Magazzini Salani, became a editorial case from 275 thousand copies sold thanks to TikToksocial media on which users have given life to a real word of mouth that has led to the title at the top of the charts (where the other author’s book also finds its place, In the way the snow fallsalso published by the same publishing house).

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“We couldn’t have imagined a better way than celebrate first birthday from Manufacturer of tears“, he has declared Gianluca MazzitelliCEO of Adriano Salani Editore, “who announce its future film adaptation. We are very happy for this further milestone reached by Erin which adds to the recognition received at Turin Book Fair as the best-selling book in the first quarter of 2022 and success in selling rights on international markets. Readers of all ages are confirming that she is the most beautiful love story of the year ”.

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Erin Doom is the pseudonym of an Italian writer who chose anonymity and who made her debut on Wattpad, the most famous social reading platform in the world, with the nickname DreamsEater. We know about her that she has less than 30 yearslives in Emilia Romagna, studied Law and has always cultivated a passion for stories and writing.

“We are excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to curate the audiovisual adaptation of this unique and exceptional editorial case”, underlines Alessandro Usai, CEO of Colorado Film. And he continues: “Colorado Film is convinced that with this title it will be able to replicate the success it had in cinemas with its most recent productions, taking the utmost care in preserving the contents and style that have so captivated readers of the book“.

Development work on adapting the book in script form has already begun and soon the delicate work of casting for the choice of the two protagonists, with the aim of being on the set at the beginning of 2023.

The plot of Manufacturer of tears

Between the walls of the Grave, the orphanage in which Nica has grown up, stories and legends have always been told by candlelight. The most famous is that of the maker of tears, a mysterious craftsman with eyes as clear as glass, guilty of forging all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of men. But a seventeen years old for Nica, the time has come to leave the gloomy fairy tales of childhood behind. In fact, her biggest dream is about to come true.

The spouses Milligan they have started her adoption procedures and are ready to give her the family she has always wanted. In the new house, however, Nica is not alone. Together with her he is also taken away by the Grave Rigela restless and mysterious orphan, the last person in the world that Nica would want as an adoptive brother.

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The revenge of the Young Adult (also thanks to TikTok)

Rigel is intelligent, shrewd, plays the piano like a charmer demon and is endowed with a beauty that can bewitch, but his angelic aspect conceals a dark disposition. Even though Nica and Rigel are united by a common past of pain and deprivation, coexistence between them seems impossible.

Mostly when the legend creeps back into their lives and the tearmaker suddenly becomes real, ever closer. Yet Nica, sweet and courageous, is willing to do anything to defend her dream, because only if she has the courage to face the nightmares that torment her, she will finally be able to soar. free like the butterfly whose name it bears.

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There will be a film based on Erin Doom’s “Maker of Tears”