Third day of the Trani Dialogues, rock evening with Piero Pelù

The third day of the Dialogues begins (9.30) with coffee and newspaper reading from the Dimore Marinare (Vico Statuti Marittimi, 3) in the company of the journalist and literary critic Piero Dorfles And Anna Puricella, journalist from Repubblica-Bari. A unique opportunity to meet and question the most beloved professor of the historic TV format “For a handful of books“and author of the book”The work of the reader“. The long-awaited finale is the full rock evening with the founder of Litfiba, Piero Pelù.

Here is the agenda of the main events of Friday 23 September at Dialoguesdivided by place:

Municipal Library G. Bovio

9.15 am – KINDERLAND. With the Moldovan author Liliana Corobca and the reporter Gianpaolo Balsamo. The novel Kinderland by Liliana Corobca deals with a very topical issue for many Eastern European countries: the “white orphans”, the children of Romanian, Moldovan, Ukrainian women and men, left alone, because one or both parents are emigrated abroad in search of a better job.

10 am-1pm. Creative writing workshop “Write about yourself (and don’t make a mistake)” by the Holden school. Writer Emiliano Poddi will teach course participants how to “each of us can stand in front of the window – or the bathtub – to explore that rich and unlimited territory that is our everyday life “.
5 pm – Screening of the film Indomitable Romania (2018) By theRomanian Academy. In the heart of Europe lies a wilderness, which is home to a variety of ecosystems. This film reveals the beauty of raw, magical yet fragile Romania, one year long in the life of plants, insects and animals from various parts of the country. Introduces Oana Bosca – Malin.
San Giorgio Palace

10 am – New models of company organization. Meeting organized by the Treccani Cultura Foundation with the sociologist Alessandro Gandini. After the economic crisis of the second millennium and faced with the contradictions of the present, Western society has found a comforting refuge in nostalgia. Populist fantasies and sovereign drifts emerged, striking symptoms of our manifest inability to think new visions and organizational plans for complex societies.

11.15 am – Dialogues with history presents: World history of the Jews. With the historian Pierre Savy. One people, in particular, has experienced over the past three millennia what it means to live with other groups and majorities. Taking up the stories and movements of the Jewish people means telling those who have known and anticipated the problems of modern migrant cultures, the difficult or natural coexistence with other peoples, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the continental heart of Europe and beyond: a story where cohabitation and intertwining they have been a constant trace of life. In collaboration with theItaly-Israel Association Alexander Wiesel of Bari.

16.50 – A book is forever: a challenge to the latest classic. With Piero Dorfles the students of Trani high schools participate. By theDepartment of Cultures of the City of Trani.
What do the great authors from Swift to London, from Shelley to Bradbury, from Stevenson to Levi have to say about the complexity of our day? And how would they tell it? What messages would they transmit and through which communication channels? We put the timeless back on stage because “A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say” (I. Calvino).

5.45 pm – What am I doing here? Writers and writers in the era of post-photography.
How can we use the written word without taking into account the images that press inside and outside us? The journalists are wondering Maria Teresa Carbone And Maria Paola Porcelli.

Circle of Cinema Dino Risi
6 pm – Screening of Mario Monicelli’s film “A magical friend – The master Nino Rota (1999) “
An intimate biography of Nino Rota and glimpses of bourgeois Bari before and after the Second World War.

The old Man and the Sea

20.30 – Poetry evening with the poet Vittorino Curci And Francesca Savino, journalist from Repubblica-Bari. Living together through verses: poetic call for the poetry workshop.

Quercia square

5 pm – Dying from work: the stories behind the numbers of an Italian tragedy. With Domenico Castellaneta, editor-in-chief of Repubblica-Bari the economic journalist talks Marco Patucchi.

18.30 – Megamark Foundation Award – Dialogue Meetings – VII edition
The actress Debora Villa converses with the finalists of the VII edition of the literary competition promoted by the Megamark Foundation. With the extraordinary participation of the publishing houses.
The winner will be announced during the evening.

9 pm – Piero Pelù takes the stage of POP dialogues and tells the audience interviewed by the Bonculture journalist, Felice Sblendorio.
Who is Piero Pelù? The rocker, the activist, the anarchoid, the wild, the boxer, the giant or “el diablo”? All definitions, with the legendary frontman and co-founder of Litfiba, are reductive. Committed performer, who represented a vocal and histrionic model capable of influencing subsequent generations of rockers, in his latest book Spacca the infinity he tells a life lived alongside music and talks with the enterprising, original and full of questions boy who is state.

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Third day of the Trani Dialogues, rock evening with Piero Pelù