TPMP: all columnists react to this allocation sheet!

A huge debate took place on the set of TPMP. Indeed, an astonishing sheet of allowances has wreaked havoc.

Once again, the TPMP team got carried away in full live. And for good reason, an allowance sheet created a crazy debate on the tray. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The tone rises very quickly on the set of TPMP

Nobody can escape the clashes on the set of TPMP. And for good reason, always ready to do battle, the team’s columnists never hesitate to share their point of view. In effect, the latter always make known the bottom of their thoughts.

Moreover, the columnists of TPMP never go through four paths. When they think something, they say it. And this, regardless of the guests present on the set. In short, their enemies better watch out. Ouch!

But if there is one columnist who keeps getting noticed, it’s Matthieu Delormeau. In effect, the latter often goes ahead of clashes. Thus, he never hesitates to put the guests back in place. And sometimes, the latter goes really hard… Besides, Julia Vignali has already paid the price !

For his part, Cyril Hanouna does not seem to be lacking. And for good reason, the host of TPMP is known for his fiery and outspoken personality. Thus, the latter never forgets to say what he really thinks. Moreover, he even dares to give the names of people that he would like to put on the show. What to agitate the Canvas…

But this Wednesday, September 14, the whole team got carried away on the set of TPMP. And for good reason, an allowance affair has agitated the columnists. MCE TV tells you more!

Columnists rage over allowances

In recent days, TPMP shows are proving to be super explosive. Indeed, the clashes are linked then and the columnists seem super motivated to say what they really think. This is the case for example of Gilles Verdez who did not hesitate to provoke Benjamin Castaldi on his potential injections. Something to make people smile.

But this Wednesday, September 14, it was a completely different subject that stirred the TPMP plateau. And for good reason, the show team returned to a case that is shaking Twitter. Indeed, an Internet user shared an allocation sheet on which it is recorded that a blended family of 10 received 5,789.53 euros. A large sum that has angered some columnists.

Indeed, Matthieu Delormeau was revolted. He therefore declared on the set of TPMP:It’s a national sport in France to do everything to get allowances. 6,000 euros net on people who are not taxed… I have friends who have studied for 10 years and who don’t earn that even though they work every day from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. who pay a lot of taxes. »

For their part, Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez affirmed that this sum was normal. For example, he explained: “It is France that I love, France helping poor people. It’s a family that is extraordinary, that has no resources. Both parents are at RSA, they are deserving people. There, the sum is exceptional because there is the back-to-school allowance. »

One thing is certain, the columnists of TPMP have not finished getting noticed. To be continued.

TPMP: all columnists react to this allocation sheet!