Tres Cantos creates financial aid for single

Budgets grow by 6.16% compared to last year to stand at 58.7M euros

The government highlights that they have been prepared with criteria of rigor, utility, social scope, economic development, quality of life and respect for the environment.

Taxes, rates and public prices will remain frozen, without increasing the tax pressure on the Tricantines

The municipal government of Three songs has presented the 2023 Municipal Budgets, “with prudence” in a post-pandemic context, supply problems and inflation.

With an increase of 6.16% compared to last year, they stand at 58.7M euros, almost 3.5M more. “Accumulated with the 4% increase last year, in two years we have made a significant increase of 10%,” says the general coordinator of the mayor’s office, Javier Juárez

“We closed the financial year with a high budget execution, above 90% and balanced accounts that will allow us to maintain taxes, rates and public prices, without increasing the tax burden on the Tricantines. A solid base to rigorously face the day-to-day needs, while continuing to improve public services, complete the urban projects that we have started, reinforce social protection and revitalize a productive fabric that is a guarantee of employment, wealth and well-being for all ”.

Juárez highlighted the item for Education: «This year we broke a record in investment in Education with a start of 750,000 euros. We continue with our Education project of excellence and technology, with remodeling in the centers. We finished covering the facilities in all the schools»

The Councilor for the Treasury has also valued other areas such as Culture where “we have taken a giant step”.

As for the tax burden, Juárez has highlighted that, for the eighth consecutive year, taxes are frozen, “this requires us to do more with less but it was our commitment and an act of support for families”

sustainable city

The government has highlighted that the City Council has “healthy accounts that allow the development of a city that is a national benchmark and that is analyzed by the international market as a destination for future economic activities; that meets the objectives of promoting solidarity, well-being, progress, job creation, the development of an excellent education and a sport that has been recognized at a European level as a model”.

Thus, they explain that the 2023 budget project contemplates the urban consolidation begun in this mandate and reinforces support for families and people with special needs.

Increased energy costs

The municipal government emphasizes that the urban reform will be completed and the interventions give way to maintenance. «In this way, Tres Cantos will be able to address the costs of electricity, which in this organization grows from 915,000 euros in 2022 to a forecast of 1.5M euros as a result of the international situation. The works of the first phase of Metropolitan Park will also be completed, with the City of Children, those of the first phase of the Parque Norte Sports Center and the first performances will be carried out in the Paraninfo, with the beginning of the construction of the civic and leisure center family. Finally, actions on public roads will be continued for a more sustainable urban mobility.

The Tres Cantos 2030 area increases its endowment by almost 522,000 euros, thus exceeding 10.56 M, 5.2% more than in 2022. «Expenditures on waste, materials and energy management have doubled in some cases due to the current situation and, despite this, essential basic services are maintained, such as cleaning and maintenance of green areas, with an increase in the budget of 173,000 euros to provide more coverage in the northern area of ​​the city, improving the energy efficiency with an item of 300,000 euros to continue the renovation of the luminaires and an economic endowment of 130,000 euros for the improvement and maintenance of children’s areas.

The item for Security and Mobility grows by just over €311,000, which represents an increase of 4.92%, for the expansion of the Local Police staff, with 13 new agents, and the renewal of the fleet with respectful vehicles with the environment, in addition to the development of the Urban Mobility Plan, the Plan for Safe School Routes and the Master Plan for Bicycle Mobility and VMP.

Commitment to people

The budgets for 2023 allocate nearly 127,000 euros more than in 2022 to the Family and Equality area, strengthening support for disadvantaged groups and improving the provision of essential services such as telecare or psychostimulation for the elderly, which continue to be a priority and that their personal and economic resources will be expanded with an increase of 13.3% in their budget compared to 2022, in addition to the implementation of new projects in Social Services for the prevention of suicide and violence in the family environment.

In Education, 750,000 euros will be invested in public educational centers, improving spaces, equipment and facilities so that students and teachers can enjoy an educational environment of excellence. Continuity will be given to the TEA classroom project and to the service AccompanyingTC, for emotional support to young people and their families. As a whole, the allocation for Education increases by almost 310,000 euros.

The budget for Culture grew by 24.1%, reaching 5.6 million euros to consolidate the commitment to quality culture for all, with activities and events such as Festival, In&Out Jazzthe Short Film Contest or, in summer, the Nights in the Rosaleda and the Evenings on the lake.

The budgets are committed to the participation of young people, involving them in the construction of a better Tres Cantos, through the Local Plan for Children and Adolescents and activities such as the Mountain School or events such as “Ola Septiembre”, will continue to serve to promote values ​​and support emerging talent. The budget for Youth exceeds 810,000 euros.

As for Sports, the recognition as European City of Sport 2023 commits to continue improving facilities and bringing sports practice closer to everyone, without exception, also fulfilling the commitment that all disciplines have their own space. The budget item increases by more than 790,000 euros, with a growth of 14%, reaching 6.45 million.

The item for Public Health grows by 7.2%, exceeding half a million euros, promoting social and health guidance, first aid courses, the installation of defibrillators, pest control and other programs and actions that complement the benefits of the system public health, such as the municipal ambulance service, with a budget increase that will reach 425,000 euros.

The budget allocated to the Treasury is reduced by almost 124,000 euros, “providing stability to the accounts, by avoiding having to apply for loans and generating debt that would affect the provision of services to residents.”

Tres Cantos creates financial aid for single-parent families