Trieste at the forefront for the elimination of violence against…

21.11.2022 – 1.20 pm – Six proposals and a specific composite project on violence in young couples called ‘Genre re-percussions‘ make up the program promoted by the Department of Education and Family Policies – Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Trieste created on the occasion of the November 25th International day for the elimination of violence against women.
The program was officially presented today, Monday 21 November, during a press conference held in the municipal council room of Trieste, which was attended by the councilor for educational and family policies Nicole Matteonithe president of the International House of Women Patricia Sainathe president of the Click Association, Laura Pomicino and the representatives of the GOAP anti-violence center in Trieste.
“The calendar of events for November 25th – explained councilor Nicole Matteoni – this year is characterized by many innovations, with the primary objective of disseminating the theme of violence against women to young people and citizens as a whole. I thank the municipal offices for having followed all the complex bureaucratic procedures and the associations involved. Talking about gender-based violence is often difficult because we think it is a topic far from our daily lives or aimed at the weakest sections of society and almost a consequence of a type of social unease. Instead, violence concerns everyone, it happens everywhere, without distinction, and it must be known in order to prevent and hinder it. As Department, we will always be at the forefront of this battle and not just on November 25th”.

The municipal matrix proposals focus primarily on the creation of a representative bookmark of the Day of 25 November, which will be distributed in the city’s schools and public libraries.
The broadcast of uno is scheduled from 25 to 28 November on the Telequattro television station anti-violence commercials lasting one minute, created by a school in Trieste as part of the recent project ‘SHE Legality, Equality, Identity‘ funded by the Ministerial Department for Equal Opportunities. In addition, an advertisement in the newspaper was planned for November 25th The small where the services to turn to for help in situations of gender-based violence will be advertised.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the GOAP Onlus Association, the sixth edition of the artistic-literary competition ‘Words, sounds and colors against violence against women‘ aimed at girls and boys aged between 14 and 19 to stimulate reflections and awareness on this delicate issue. The notice will be issued on 25 November, with the deadline for submitting the works in February 2023 and the award ceremony scheduled for 8 March, International Women’s Day.

On the advice of councilor Matteoni, the emphasis was also placed on the growing phenomenon of violence within adolescent couples, called Teen Dating Violence (TDV), also presenting the project, again in collaboration with the GOAP Anti-Violence Center, in favor of students of the three-year period of secondary schools. The training, quantified in 100 hours, will be distributed among the institutes participating in the project and will be preparatory to participation in the competition.

An unreleased ‘was also made for the first timeHandbook for young people‘, an information brochure of the services present in the area for the benefit and protection of victims of violence and which will analyze the different faces of violence with easy language designed for that age group, using for example the art of comics. The initiative also includes training activities on stereotypes and other current forms of harassment such as stalking, body shaming, revenge porn, cyber bullying.

Some appointments, coming from territorial associations of the third sector, have been selected by a special commission following a call for expressions of interest. Other welcomed initiatives include that of the Aps Casa Internazionale delle Donne of Trieste based on the presentation of the book ‘Libera libera’ and aimed at bringing out a particular form of violence such as sexual and labor exploitation with reduction to servitude and/or slavery exercised to the detriment of fragile Italian and foreign women. The publication will be presented by experts in the sector, followed by a debate, on 7 December 2022 at the association’s headquarters.

Lastly, the appointment of the CLIC Psychology and Psychomotricity Association entitled Lottoconte: learning to build nourishing relationships, a theoretical-experiential workshop aimed at educational figures involved in working with young people, should be mentioned. Through the basic principles of sport climbing, useful tools will be provided to the people present to promote new relationship models for boys and girls.


Trieste at the forefront for the elimination of violence against…