Turin – Casa Tennis, today’s program: free tastings and widespread events

The Casa Tennis appointments continue on the occasion of the Nitto ATP Finals. Even today, in the spaces set up in the evocative setting of the medieval court of Palazzo Madama, talks with a sports theme and more are scheduled, with Italian and international guests, in addition to the usual and rich proposal of food and wine tastings of the excellences of the Piedmont area and the widespread events on the city territory.

Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello

1.30 pm
COLDIRETTI – microbiota and muscles at km0

Coldiretti Turin: “Feeding the microbiota and muscles at km Zero” – i

yogurt probiotics and the proteins of fresh dairy products from Turin farmers’ products.

Tasting: Discovering the DOP cheeses of Piedmont: Murazzano, Roccaverano and Ossolano

The Alte Terre DOP association brings together 4 protection consortia: three of the DOP Murazzano, Robiola di Roccaverano, Ossolano cheeses, plus that of the DOP Riso di Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese, in response to the need to “network” between small productions of mountain with DOP brand. The cheese tasting is led by Onaf Master Tasters.

Words of Tennis: Sport between cinema and soundtracks – Steve Della Casa talks with Rodrigo D’Erasmo

Steve della Casa is a journalist and director as well as being an authoritative voice in the contemporary Italian cinematographic universe. Among the founders of the Festival Cinema Giovani – which later became the Turin Film Festival – of which he was director from 1998 to 2002, Della Casa is called to direct the edition that will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Turin Film Festival. At Casa Tennis he will talk about cinema, sport and music with Rodrigo D’Erasmo, classically trained violinist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer. D’Erasmo is a member of the Afterhours, with whom he won the critics’ prize at the Sanremo Festival 2009 and the Tenco prize in 2012. In 2011 he was awarded by the MEI as best musician of the year ever. He was a producer at X Factor in the 10,11, 13 and 14 editions in the team of Manuel Agnelli. Starting from 2014 he conducted the Sanremo orchestra for various artists including Diodato, with whom in 2020 he won the Festival with the song “Fai Rumore”. He has composed soundtracks for cinema and TV including the short film “Chiusi Fuori” with Colin Firth and Stefano Accorsi. In 2017 he composed the soundtrack of the film “Couple therapy for lovers”

Rodrigo D’Erasmo has also composed numerous documentary soundtracks including: “C’era 2 Volte Rodari”, “Fantastic Mr. Fellini” for Sky Arte, the international production of Sky hub, “Art Raiders”, and “Sergio Leone – The Italian who invented America” directed by Francesco Zippel.

Freisa tasting, grape variety of the year 2022

The regional project “Vine of the Year” was born from the idea of ​​narrating the historical autochthonous grape varieties of Piedmont, as ambassadors of Piedmont: in 2019 Dolcetto, in 2020-2021 Cortese, now it is the year of Freisa. The experiences of the Consortiums of producers and the historical and organoleptic characteristics of Freisa will be told, to then taste a selection of labels.

Digital and exports: the development trends of the sport chain

Presentation of the services offered by the Turin Chamber of Commerce to support the internationalization and digitization of Piedmontese companies in the sports sector, with the introduction of Assosport Nazionale and CONI Regionale.


Guided tour: Historical cafés / Historical cafés

Guided tour in Italian and English / Guided tour both in Italian and English.

EN: “The historic cafés of Turin are certainly among the most fascinating and elegant places in the city. Important personalities such as Camillo Benso di Cavour, Luigi Einaudi, Cesare Pavese, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others used to sit at their tables. Here, among the satin tapestries and elegant chandeliers, the political and cultural history was made, not only of Turin but of all of Italy. This tour will take you to the discovery of the premises, included among the Historic Places of Italy to ensure that you can relive the atmosphere of a Turin of yesteryear”.

Tennis Words: Steffi Graf. Passion and perfection – Elena Marinelli, author of the book, talks with Giuseppe De Bellis, director of Sky TG24

November 1999. Madison Square Garden in New York. An excited Steffi Graf, no longer a player, enters the field. The tennis institutions parade in front of her and give her paintings, photographs and plaques. The girl who loved the exchange and the game more than anything else, however, only ignites when she discovers the gift of Roland Garros, her favorite Grand Slam: the locker door of the women’s locker room she has always used, the number 19 it is gone, between 18 and 20 is the 18 bis. Number 19 belongs to Steffi Graf, as are the six Roland Garros won, the seven Wimbledon and the Golden Slam in 1988. Considered by many to be the greatest tennis player ever, Graf will be analyzed by Elena Marinelli, author of “Steffi Graf . Passion and perfection” (66thand2nd). With her Giuseppe De Bellis, journalist and writer, winner of the Coni award for sports fiction. Founder of the sports magazine Undici, he was deputy director and co-director of Il Giornale. Former director of GQ Italia, since 15 January 2018 he has been deputy director of Sky Sport with responsibility for Sky Sport 24 and the Skysport.it website. On 1 January 2019 he took over the direction of Sky TG24.

Tasting: Extra Vermouth organized by Turismo Torino e Provincia, Caffè Platti, Tasta Macelleria con Cucina, Fattoria Roggero

Extra Vermouth is a food and wine pleasure and an educational opportunity to discover the flavored wine that appears at the end of the 18th century at the Savoy court and in the Turin liqueur shops.

“Rinaldo Bontempi-Maurizio Laudi” Award

The Ethics and Sport association was born as a natural continuation of projects born in the context of the Turin 2006 Olympics, such as the Charter of Intents. Since then, the association has contributed to spreading a culture of sport attentive to sporting practice aimed at all citizens, without distinction of gender and ability, against all forms of pharmacological and psychological abuse. Great attention was paid to the dissemination of the Piedmontese Sport Ethics Charter, signed by over 170 municipalities as well as many coaches, athletes, sports clubs, which undertakes to respect the ethical values ​​of sport. In 2010 the Ethics and Sport Award was established, first named after Rinaldo Bontempi, former vice president of TOROC and creator of the Charter of Intents, and then from 2011 also after Maurizio Laudi, judge and sports judge. We have now reached the thirteenth edition of the Award, during which the association will reward individuals or groups who have particularly distinguished themselves for ethical behavior or activities in sport and its communication.

Prizes will be awarded to the following sections:

– Public Institutions and Local Authorities

– Sports associations

– Technicians or Athletes

– Sports communicators

– Educational institutions

This year, in honor of the ATP Finals, a Special Tennis Prize will be awarded, in collaboration with FIT Piemonte.



15:00 – 18:00 Magic court – Magic Willy


15:00 – 18:00 Music court – Alp keng


3.00 pm – 4.00 pm Circus court – Silvia Martini


15.00 – 18.00 Juggling court – Glenn Folco


15.00 – 17.00 – Marching Band: BANDARADAN


17:00 – 18:00 Circus court – Silvia Martini


17:00 – 18.30 BUS from Piazza Castello BLUE TOUR, itinerary info: https://www.city-sightseeing.it/turin/ – BANDARADAN + ToRadio FM 88.5 always on board

The photo from the site of the Municipality of Turin

Turin – Casa Tennis, today’s program: free tastings and widespread events