Two new addresses for the Ipsia ‘Pertini’ of Terni

by Fra. Tor.

The Ipsia ‘Sandro Pertini’ of Terni expands its training offer: the institute has in fact obtained from the Umbria Region and the Regional School Office, with the approval of the Province of Terni, two new courses of study. These are ‘Cultural and entertainment services’ and ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’, absolute educational novelties being the first and only school curricula present throughout the region. “A strong sign of change – underlines the headteacher Fabrizio Canolla – giving an excellent opportunity to our young people who, coming out of middle school, have to choose their own school path that will lead them to the high school diploma and which will allow them, in addition to continue your studies at university, to train professionally to enter the entertainment and cinematography sector in particular, which in our region has seen an ever-growing expansion in recent years, considering the many fictions filmed in our villages and cities».


The new addresses

An address that of ‘Cultural and entertainment services’ «which allows the student who chooses to enroll in our institute, to train in a complete way in the conception, planning, production and distribution of audiovisual and photographic products in the film industry sectors, cultural and entertainment and new media, also through operational internships of school-work alternation starting from the second year of high school at the main film production agencies that intend to invest in our territory and which already today strongly require workers and professional technicians to be employed in their own sets. Furthermore, in consideration of the will of local institutions to relaunch the Papigno studios and the Multimedia Center, the figures who graduate from our institute will be able to concretely contribute to the development of the sector both as sound engineers, fitters, maintenance technicians, technical assistance of the instrumentation and systems for the curriculum ‘Cultural and entertainment services’, and for the part of the design and creation of stage sets and environments for the curriculum ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’, two courses which are therefore in a supply chain and complementary. The ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’ path explores the aspects concerning the various work phases relating both to the production of individual furnishing elements, in wood and other materials, and to the design and construction of interior fittings for homes, hotels , offices and commercial premises and for the community, including the installation and assembly operations of the products”.

The convention

«In support of the validity of these study courses – explains the vice principal, Professor Federico Fadda – the agreement was first of all made with the regional foundation Umbria film commission strongly desired by the Umbria Region and by the department of culture and entertainment in support and support for the development of the film industry in our region, then the important expressions of interest regarding the new directions, presented by the main production associations such as Confimi, Confartigianato, Cna and by leading companies such as F.Ili Canalicchio and Paolini furniture partners of the consortium ‘Cluster nautical sector of Umbria’ which is increasingly establishing itself as a district of excellence in the sector». With registrations that will open on 9 January 2023 and will close on the 30th of the same month, there will be the possibility of composing a section for each address «in order to be operational – concludes Fadda – for carrying out the lessons and practical activities laboratory activities which are foreseen starting from the 1st school year, already from September 2023 ».

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Two new addresses for the Ipsia ‘Pertini’ of Terni