“We take our marks…”: Marie

After having suffered a few plasters upon their arrival on the island of Reunion, Marie-Alix Jeanson and her tribe are beginning to adapt to this radical change of life, as she explained this Wednesday August 3 on Instagram.

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Big upheaval at the Jeansons: Marie-Alix, her husband Alexandre and their five children started their new life on July 20! One of the show’s star families Large families: Life in XXL broadcast on TF1, has indeed decided to radically change its existence by leaving the Paris region to settle on the island of Reunion, where the whole tribe will spend at least the next two years. If the discovery of the island located in the Indian Ocean was dazzling with this new daily life with your feet in the sand and your gaze lost in the azure horizon, Marie-Alix Jeanson was quickly disenchanted. From July 25, the galleys indeed began with a car problem: “One of the scourges of Reunion is the number of stray animals and in our street we had already seen it […] And apparently it’s a stray dog ​​who had the good idea to go under our car and nibble all the cables” Result: car unusable and totally depressed, because the mother can no longer take her children to the beach as she had promised, nor even go shopping or go to her medical appointments. To solve the problem, we will have to make some unexpected expenses.

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An advanced start of the school year, a different organization

But, after these first disappointments, daily life quickly took over and good humor once again prevailed within the clan, which obviously realized its chance to live on the other side of the world on a paradise island, and the enriching experience that it will give them. So much so that happiness seems once again to be in good shape for Marie-Alix and her large family. In an Instagram story published on Wednesday August 3, the mother also spoke about this new start in this superb environment: “We are slowly getting our bearings. The children feel that they are going to be fine here. And today, we are a bit all in the preparation for the start of the new school year, which arrives here a little earlier than in mainland France, since it will start just after August 15th.

Back-to-school shopping

After a fortnight of adaptation and after having suffered a few plaster casts, life therefore seems to be smiling again at the Jeanson, and Marie-Alix feels good today in her new life, even if she notes some small differences compared to the old one, as she confided in another story published this Thursday, August 4 on Instagram: “The children have changed schools, and the supplies are very different. But the races were still very practical. I went to a large supply store, like Office Depot, everything was clear, I didn’t have to go forty-five departments to do my shopping. So everything is perfect and we are ready for the start of the school year which will take place in mid-August!“A return to school that we hope will be the most successful for the five little darlings!

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Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.

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“We take our marks…”: Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large families) gives news of her new life in Reunion