Wednesday the commemoration of the centenary of the Casignana events

A hundred years after the Casignana events, the 21 September at 5.30 pm in the ancient village of Casignana a meeting will be held “in order not to lose memory and to have greater awareness of the history of the community”.

“A story – continues the note of the promoters of the event – told carefully, what we are doing remembering 21st September of the last century. We do not want to be a society without fathers and without teachers, we cultivate history with care, we see it again in its dark and bright days. The new world exists because it has attended the lessons of history. For example, he did not end with the massacres he suffered and saw: here, from our village, you can see that place, Contrada Croci, a massacre that inspires pity but also generates strength, causes anger but also originates energy.

Here, in fact, the houses are renovated, repopulation is pursued, the values ​​for which human lives have been sacrificed are defended. Messages leave from here. Contrada Croci is a symbol that cost dearly, our time is the time in which we do not want to evaporate that battle, but the time in which the battle is better organized, to win the abuses and violence that we push away and that must no longer come together. . History, if we wanted to think about the means by which it is carried forward, advances, takes us and brings us back to a document, a letter, a book, “nu cuntu”, a search, a computer, social networks, a documentary.

The charm of the cards is never lost, but a documentary entitled “Casignana, the scent of time”, created thanks to the Community Film Laboratory, conceived and produced by Antonio Blandi and Officine delle Idee with the direction of Andrea Belcastro and the collaboration of Dario De Luca and Francesco Aiello, allows us to recover memory. A means with which he can travel better, not get lost. Recovering the cultural heritage of identity to counteract a system that mainly loves to criticize, to contest.

Let’s think about building, for example, to let the writers of our territories enter the school programs, as Paride Leporace said here in the village on August 2, 2022. We will speak at length about Mario La Cava, to whom we owe a lot. The facts of Casignana, the new interpretations, the work of Domenico Romeo. We must save beauty so beauty can save the world, as the great writer of the east said. There is an unfulfilled point in the political program, investing in Culture: 1 euro to culture 1 euro in safety.

School, Culture, Education solve problems because they form the “brains”, shape the civic sense … No to refusal for books, no to all the temptations of illegality. We, as an administration, do not want to stop talking about the massacre of the 21st, we want to take advantage of it to say that we have problems – we have solved many – but we will be able to solve them by reasoning with the help of books, studies, research, films, conferences , seminars, debates open to citizens, associations and institutions, discussions, conferences, events.

Reasoning all together, as they did the Municipalities of Locride with the Gal Terre Locridee, with the main experiment, “Locride 2025 – A whole different story”.

We also put this event into it, as we have done so far. All together, municipal administration, citizens of Casignana, associations we will succeed. A big thank you to all the historians and to the people who are collaborating in the creation of the Community Film Laboratory ”.

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Wednesday the commemoration of the centenary of the Casignana events