What Josema Yuste has not understood about “black and fag jokes” | By Borja Teran

He can’t make black and fag jokes anymore. That’s what he complained about Josema Yuste in the program Horizonfrom Iker Jimenez: “There are guilds with which you can’t do humor, it’s very complicated. Before, you could do it and nothing happened.” Guilds? The ex of Tuesday and thirteencontinues his dissertation: “Like the black race, homosexuals. You made humor in a white way and nothing happened… I have seen gays among themselves call themselves a fagot and nothing happens, but don’t let it occur to you”.

It’s clear. For some, it’s still hard to understand why a certain mood we all come from grates. Josema Yuste has been a great comedian. Hundreds of his stories with Millán Salcedo are already in the most brilliant history of television. But as a white, straight, able-bodied male he has never suffered the noxious laugh that signals the different, almost always representing him as someone who is disgusting and from whom you have to run away. Sometimes, he is even denigrated by shouting “faggot.” Hence, the LGTBI+ collective, which is not a union, tries to make the word “faggot” its own to turn the term around with that emotional intelligence that it seeks defuse insults from within. However, “faggot” continues to be a harmful weapon thrown at schools, institutes, soccer fields and the street itself.

We continue to live with news of children who are bullied in the schoolyard by other classmates who attack them for seeing them as different. They feel superior when laughing at them, like that spectator who for decades has also laughed at the joke about the sissy, the twangy, the black, the battered woman… Now, on the other hand, we are unlearning the social culture that prevented us from seeing everything what hid the tragedy of mockery. And alarm bells go off when a type of humor appears that laughs “at”, does not laugh “with”. He laughs at the one who feels differently because he doesn’t understand it or wants to understand it.. This is what continues to be translated from the words of Josema Yuste: perhaps what he thinks is a new form of censorship is simply that society has evolved.

It is not that jokes can no longer be made because they annoy unions. As if being born with a sexuality, race, sex or disability were an enrollment in a profession from which one can unsubscribe at any time. No, it is not chosen. Nor is it that we are more puritanical than before. On the contrary, it is that we have prospered in sensitivities until realizing that, sometimes we have confused comedy with mockery. And a joke is not a joke when it creates suffering by pointing out the vulnerable. This is how discrimination is legitimized from TV, for example. Because television creates references, and there are contexts, such as school bullying, that begin as that type of stigmatizing parodies.

Those privileged who have not suffered real discrimination of any kind will be able to continue saying that of ‘what fine skin‘ have. But yes, we must vindicate the fine skin, that fine skin that used to have to act tough so they wouldn’t hit him in class and now tries to live his life, without hiding, without being shunnedwithout anyone mocking from any moral disdain.

It’s time to choose. We can continue laughing from the condescension that marginalizes or stop to try to empathize. Then, perhaps we will have understood, finally, that diversity is an essential part of life. Diversity enriches us all. Even Josema Yuste.

What Josema Yuste has not understood about “black and fag jokes” | By Borja Teran