What to do on January 1st holiday? Ideas for activities present in your 2023 resolutions!

January 1 celebrates: what to do on the first day of the new year when you start following the ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes and recommendations listed as 2023 resolutions? Want to eat less, stress less, get upset less, worry less, and relax and de-stress more? Surely !

What activities does January 1st celebrate?

calendar 1 january 2023

January 1 is not a holiday per se. After New Year’s Eve, on the evening of December 31, people all over the world celebrate the end of a year, and on January 1 they celebrate the beginning of a new year. People like to celebrate the end of a thing, a time, an era that remains in the past, in history to celebrate life itself. Then they turn to the new thing, time, era to always celebrate life in hope. They try to live in the moment with gratitude for the past and hope for the future.

Go out for a walk

January 1st party what to do

We partied the night before, we ate too much and/or drank too much. To regain strength, we recommend that you go out and take a walk. It’s important to recover quickly after the holidays, so moving will be vital for you ! A bottle of water in hand, put on your jogging shoes, possibly headphones connected to your phone – source of music on the go and you’re off!

Go see a movie at the cinema

enjoy low viewership on january 1st party

If you are looking to be away from the crowds, we recommend going to see a movie at the cinema where there will be very few people watching that same movie you have chosen to see. And even if you went to see the latest blockbuster recently released on the big screen, the first screening on January 1 will probably not attract many people and the cinema lounge will be reserved for you.

Go skiing

descend runway first

If you live in an area that is close to a ski resort, leave very early on the slopes will be a good idea. Foreign tourists will not be the first on the slopes, natives of the region rarely ski during school holidays. If you are not lacking in courage, we strongly recommend that you go for a few descents in complete freedom.

Position yourself in front of the TV and watch a marathon of your favorite TV series

stuck in front of the TV

You have probably been waiting for this moment for a very long time. The end-of-year celebrations are over, you have been exemplary, you have cooked for everyone, you have offered many gifts and of love to your children, to your relatives and friends and there, you want to reserve some time for yourself, to see all the seasons of your favorite television series. Perhaps you have already watched it, but never in one block, in a loop. Then now is the perfect time to do it! Activate your Netflix or Amazon subscription and sit in front of the TV with the remote control in hand! Have a good marathon!

Visit the store open on January 1st holiday

go shopping alone

Perhaps your favorite store is open on January 1st and you want to wander among the shelves alone, far from the unbearable end-of-year crowds? Check on the Internet which store is open on January 1, 2022 and go make your choice that you did not have time to make before the end of the year holidays. It’s true that the sales are long overdue, but don’t forget that many stores no longer wait for the official sales date to offer their products at very attractive prices.

Go running in the nearby park or in the street on January 1st

a few minutes jogging january 1

You won’t be the only one going for a run, but it will be one of those rare mornings when you can go for a run on a Monday morning. So don’t hesitate! First of all, running is surely present in your list of good New Year’s resolutions and you will certainly start on January 1st, but even if it is not there, this activity will do you a lot of good and you will enjoy it. include without hesitation. What’s the difference between the old good walk in the park and running ? Running improves your health and fitness as certainly does a gentle, light walk, but the former boosts your energy and encourages you to keep doing it.

What to do on January 1st holiday? Ideas for activities present in your 2023 resolutions!