“When you get insulted, beaten up, you carry the weight of shame”: Christophe Willem recounts his school harassment

Christophe Willem recounts the school harassment he suffered in “A Sunday in the Countryside”. Screenshot

The singer revealed in 2006 in “La Nouvelle Star” was the guest of Frédéric Lopez on France 2. He returned to his painful adolescence in “A Sunday in the countryside”.

Another moment full of emotions in the program “A Sunday in the countryside” this November 20 on France 2. Installed in the big, Julie de Bona, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach and Christopher Willemconfided in Frederic Lopez about their respective pasts. The singer returned to “the horror of his adolescence”.

As he addresses himself through a photo of him as a little boy, Christophe Willem states that he “don’t lose the curiosity of life”. Deeply optimistic, he says that “even things” that he was able to cross did not succeed in “to sink into something pessimistic”. Target of ridicule because of his high-pitched voice, he describes himself “already mannered” before adding “one cannot say that I am Rambo in my way of being. There is always a feminine part in me, which has never bothered me” but that was enough to make him feel “very stigmatized” to the point of having “experienced school bullying”. It was as soon as he entered college that his hell began: “at 11 you are taxed with dirty dp, everything to a lot of words while you have no sexuality. The greatest violence in that part of my life is the feeling of loneliness. When you get insulted, beaten up, you carry the weight of shame”. The supervisors did not intervene and he was too afraid of his parents’ rejection if he told them about what he was going through in the schoolyard.

“You cut yourself off from any desire to seduce anyone”

High school will be beneficial because he says he has “encountered a more adult and less stupid world on these questions”. But the trauma is already installed in the young Christophe Willem. “You can’t build yourself as an individual when you’re made to understand that everything you represent is the problem. You cut yourself off from any desire to seduce anyone. analyzes the singer today.

He regains a form of self-confidence when he participates in a gospel choir. It is said at the time “fascinated by the work on harmonies where the individualities of each create a powerful group”. Following this experience, he was spotted during a wild casting to shoot in a musical film, but he refused because at that time to be in the light“means to him”be a target. Christophe Willem does not want to be known. At the insistence of his friends, he nevertheless sends a demo tape to a major record company which will answer him in these terms: “You will never do anything, you have no voice identity, your voice is tasteless”.

History will contradict this analysis since in 2006, he won season 4 of the show “Nouvelle Star” on M6 against Miss Dominique. Then will follow a Victoire de la musique for the song Double I as well as collaborations with Zazie, Maurane and Philippe Katerine.

“When you get insulted, beaten up, you carry the weight of shame”: Christophe Willem recounts his school harassment