Who is Brenda Lodigiani, the imitator of Chiara Ferragni and competitor of Lol 3

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Brenda Lodigiani conquers the public with her imitations. Let’s find out more about her.

Brenda Lodigiani is a presenter of Italian television. She is known to the public for the nice imitations of her by Chiara Ferragni and her colleague Diletta Leotta. Sunny and unpredictable, Brenda continually amazes for the countless talents of her that have emerged over the course of her career that she does not stop only on television. It is in fact a ‘eclectic artist despite her young age.

In the article we will reveal some memories of his childhood, the details of his love life and the details of his enviable career.

Who is the imitator Brenda Lodigiani

Brenda Lodigiani was born on December 30, 1987, in the city of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano in the province of Lodi, under the sign of Capricorn. Since she was a child, she showed a strong propensity for dance and for this reason she started taking dance, classical and modern jazz courses, simultaneously with her school studies.

Despite her busy schedule, the 35-year-old works as a dance instructor.

Looking at his social profiles, you can see that he doesn’t use them often. On Instagram, for example, there are a few shots of the family and their German shepherd.

Due to her discretion, Brenda has never revealed much about her private life. We know about her that she has been happily engaged for several years and has two children whom she loves very much. However, the city in which she and her partner decided to lead their family life is unknown.

All about career: TV, cinema and theater

Her first arrival on TV is due to her talent as a dancer: Brenda Lodigiani participated in the transmission of “Central Station”Which aired on the channel Comedy Central. On TV and in life he stands out for his availability, kindness and his being always smiling. This character and her versatility have allowed her to become the presenter of some programs broadcast on Disney Channel TV. This experience allowed her to achieve popularity. In addition, you have participated in several Sky, MTV and Rai broadcasts.

The dedication to work and study first opened the doors to her in the world of cinema, with a part in the film “A boyfriend for my wife” of 2014, then in the theater. In 2018 she joined the cast of the show Mai dire talk and, from the same year, she began a splendid and lasting experience at Those who football.

Even in the professional sphere, Brenda’s discretion emerges: in fact, no information is known about how much she earns.

Who is Brenda Lodigiani’s boyfriend

Brenda Lodigiana after a disappointment in love he had on his arrival on MTV, the details of which are unknown, he met Federico Teoldi. The spark broke between the two which, thanks to the lack of popularity of her boyfriend, led Brenda and Federico to consolidate a relationship away from gossip. About her boyfriend we only know that he is very close to the family and that he works as a photographer. In 2017 they became parents of little Olivia and in 2020 their second child was born.

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Who is Brenda Lodigiani, the imitator of Chiara Ferragni and competitor of Lol 3