Who is Concita de Gregorio, the well

Recently Concita de Gregorio he turned 59, and he doesn’t look it at all. The popular journalist and host of the program On air (A7) has obtained great acknowledgments during his career, starting like many from the bottom up.

Today is also writer and journalist for various newspapersas well as having also been director of one of the most famous newspapers in the history of Italian journalism, l’Unità.

On the occasion of his 59th birthdaylet’s retrace the life of Concita de Gregorio together, from his private life to booksup to his interest in the disease.

Who is Concita de Gregorio, the well-known host of In Onda

Born in 1963, Concita de Gregorio was born from Paul de Gregorioesteemed Tuscan magistrate, e Maria Conchaof Catalan origin. She was born in Pisa she moved to Livorno, and continued her studies at Niccolini Guerrazzi Classical High School.

Graduated in Political Science in Pisa, during university studies begins to collaborate with some local radio and television.

It will pass to the printed paper in 1985, entering the editorial staff of The Tyrrhenian Seaworking for eight years in the Tuscan offices.

From Il Tirreno he moved to La Repubblica in 1998but the turning point came ten years later, in 2008, when he accepted the position of director for the newspaper L’Unità.

The news of his inauguration is not immediately well received: the editorial staff itself seems to have been unaware of this change of direction, and only thanks to some excerpts published by the magazine First Communicationin July 2008, it became known about this change.

Despite the initial protest”against the way of announcing the change of director through an interview“, on 22 August the nomination was made official.

His direction will last three years: on 7 July 2011 he resignedand returns to La Repubblica, today below GEDI Publishing Group.

In the meantime it remains at the center of a legal case concerning the bankruptcy of the publishing company of L’Unità: is considered the only subject to answer for defamation lawsuits brought against the newspaper.

Because of this, her bank accounts and assets are seized.

Fortunately, the story does not affect his career, and already in 2013 he is running the program Daily bread (RAI 3), focused on literature and culture. And in 2018 of the program Cactus, a little water is enough (Radio Capital), until 2021, to host the television program On airwith David Porecfor both editions (summer and winter).

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The private life of Concita De Gregorio

Not much is known about private life of Concita de Gregorioif not his school career (classical high school in Livorno, Political Science in Pisa), journalism and his marriage to Alexander Cecionihis colleague.

And that is mother of four children: three naturals (Bernardo, Lorenzo and Pietro) plus an adopted daughter.

Recently Concita wanted to tell some details of his adolescenceto Today:

“I have had very unhappy, unrequited loves. I was a girl full of complexes, I felt terribly ugly. I had a hellish youth, made up of great torments and nocturnal crying”

The books of Concita de Gregorio

In addition to being a presenter and journalist, Concita de Gregorio is also a writer and essayistwith a bibliography that collects a dozen books, several prefaces and various contributions.

Among his first books we have Don’t wash this bloodin 2001 for The thirdAnd A mother knowsin 2006 for Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher. The latter will be the first of his books to be awarded, being among the finalists the following year Banker Award.

But the first real prize will be in 2010, with the “Renato Benedetto Fabrizi” fromNational Association of Partisans of Italy. In 2016, with I know it’s spring outside (Feltrinelli, 2015), gets the Brancati Award.

Today he publishes with Einaudi and Feltrinelli. Her most recent book (2021) is Letter to a girl from the futureprecisely for Feltrinelli.

Concita de Gregorio and the disease

Extremely sensitive to issues related to the disease, Concita de Gregorio has treated several cases related to canceralways showing considerable empathy, and encouraging their awareness.

As in the case of the woman who, writing to the director of The Republic in October 2018, he says the loss of her partnerwho died of cancer at the age of 44:

“[…] the tumor entered my house, taking away in nine months and at the age of 44, the most beautiful part of me, the person I love most in the world”.

Or the case of the woman who, writing on the blog Instead Concita (Repubblica, 2018) despite having defeated colon cancer between operations and chemotherapy, she was afraid to be healthy:

“Now it’s scarier, now we have to start over […] Now we have to go back to a job […] But it’s a job that involves shifts, organization, crazy rhythms, a sense of not making it.”

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Who is Concita de Gregorio, the well-known presenter on La7: private life, books and illness