World leaders warn: leftist ideologies seek to sexualize children

In a unanimous complaint against parties, left-wing politicians, ideological associations and false altruistic groups that they seek to manipulate children and adolescents to exploit them economically, sexually and doctrinally, became the first day of sessions of the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) Mexico 2022.

Eduardo Verástegui, President of CPAC Mexicowelcomed the leaders, experts and activists, including Lech Walesa, former President Poland who helped end the old communist regime in the world.

Eduardo Verástegui, President of CPAC Mexico 2022, welcomed the former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, who helped overthrow the old communist regime.

Gerardo Gonzalez Acosta

Verástegui said that, with the CPAC, Mexico makes history in the reality of Hispanic America.

“We are here to build a conservative movement in the regionwith good leaders and well prepared to defend the family, the church, our cultural institutions and freedoms,” he said.

From Friday morning until the afternoon when the panels and conferences of expert leaders and activists culminated, the proposals of various political parties and civil groups based on ideologies and false social benefits were evidencedwhich actually attack children and young people.

Firmness before the fashions

Alejandro Giammattei, President of Guatemalasaid via online that “we must have the courage to do what we know is morally right; The easiest thing is to forget your convictions and look to the side, but when you want to be on the right side of history, there is no other option than to raise your head and show your face”.

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, called for firmness in the face of what he called ideological fashions, and to be morally on the side of acting correctly.

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, called for firmness in the face of what he called ideological fashions, and to be morally on the side of acting correctly.

Courtesy of CPAC Mexico 2022

The president pointed out that “we are on the right side of history, let’s stand firm in the face of fashions, let’s stand firm in the storm of the relativebecause society is continuously attacking the values, so cemented in our countries”.

The policies promoted by these groups identified with pedophilia, pedophilia and human traffickingpromote “freeing children from their innate sexuality, from their parents in particular, from the family in general, from their country, from religion and from God.”

The leaders and activists denounced that these proposals are accompanied by the defense of freedoms for the children and young people of the world, but it includes granting them the “right to choose sex over their nature”.

Also they seek that infants and adolescents can legally undergo surgical operations for gender change without prior consultation with the Parents.

In addition to this, the ideological groups already infiltrated in the governments seek to impose gender ideology on children and young people through compulsory school textbooksmovies and children’s series that manipulate and hypersexualize them.

for his part Rodrigo Iván Cortes, President of the National Front for the Familyaccused that life, family and freedoms are being strongly attacked not only in Mexico and Latin America, but globally.

“They are relentless in imposing this new normality: the culture of death, cancellation, and attacking the most innocent and defenseless,” he denounced during his participation in the Conference.

US, largest buyer of Trafficking

Rosi Orozco, President of the United Against Trafficking Commission and one of the most respected fighters against this scourge, stated that they have made it possible for many of the victims to not only be survivors but to get ahead in life and that they help others as well.

Sara A. Carter, American pro-liberties activist and journalistsaid that, speaking of human trafficking, “in The United States has become one of the largest buyers while Mexico is one of the largest sellers”.

He pointed out that the current Mexican government does not have a policy to stop human trafficking on the borders with the United States.

In the different panels of the CPAC Mexico 2022 Public policy actions that seek to make children and young people stateless by abandoning their homeland and their families were also evidenced, via organized mobilizations of migrants where children are abandoned in a foreign country, without someone to care for them.

The left, enemy of freedoms

José Antonio Kast Rist, Chilean politician leader of the Republican Partyformer congressman and presidential candidate in the 2017 and 2021 elections, said that Latin America is in danger.

He pointed out that “in our continent, the left and the enemies of freedom have reached the governments and they carry out a progressive agenda that seeks to destroy the foundations of our coexistence and threaten our peace and freedom.”

He stated that conservatives have the deadliest weapon of mass destruction against the progressive left: common sense, and then asked the audience if Did they know of any communist country that has been successful, and that has benefited its people with prosperity?; the answer was no.

Guillermo Torres Quiroz, coordinator of the REC Communicators Networkand Editorial Director of the Saber portal, said that this medium seeks to ensure that there are no neutral or convenient responses from politicians, “clarity must be something that distinguishes us in this 21st century, simulation or double discourse They must be buried.”

Mario Duarte, conservative US military veteraninternational diplomat and intelligence expert, said at the time that “they want us to be disunited, they want to make the world believe that we are the true enemies of democracy and freedom; that’s why it is It is important that conservatives stay together”.

World leaders warn: leftist ideologies seek to sexualize children