“You cannot count on the missionary spirit of the teachers, you need to restore dignity to the category”. Sabrina Carreras at Orizzonte Scuola

“Umberto Galimberti at the last Festival della Filosofa in Modena raised the issue of the role of teachers, and in particular of those who would not have the passion and pedagogical training to teach. Here, I believe that the theme must be overturned ”.

Sabrina Carreras, Rai journalist, author of the book Now or never: let’s get school back published by Chiarelettereintervenes in the controversy induced by the statements by Professor Umberto Galimberti. On the eve of the presentation in Bologna of her volume, which will take place tomorrow 23 September at 7 pm at the Parco della Montagnola, Sabrina Carreras, author of episodes of the broadcast of Raitre, Direct griphas agreed to dialogue with us on the topicality of the school topics relaunched by his investigation.

The election campaign ignores the school

“The electoral campaign is about to close – explains Carreras – and just a quick glance at the programs of the various parties and coalitions is enough to realize that school and education are at the bottom of their respective programs. With very vague proposals and recipes, which seem more auspicious than objectives. All parties, for example, have promised to stabilize the precarious and increase the salary of teachers. Good. Viva. But with what and how many resources? And above all, how would the increase in salaries translate into an improvement in the educational result, given that the mission of the school is not to give salaries to teachers but to train children? None of the programs took into consideration what is most urgent for the school: what is taught in the classrooms? With what methods? In other words, what are the educational objectives of our school system? “

The challenges

It is not a small thing, continues the journalist’s analysis, “given that the last organic reform of our school system dates back more than 100 years ago, with the Gentile reform. I am convinced, however, that to have strong ideas on the reorganization of the school, it is necessary to have clear ideas about the models of knowledge and society that we intend to implement. A long-term vision. And this is the real challenge facing the new government. And there is nothing new to invent. In my book, Now or never: let’s get back to school, I told the stories of those who find solutions every day and do not surrender to the paradigm of decline, for example by experimenting with new ways of teaching mathematics or Italian. And these are not isolated cases: there is a real movement of teachers, principals, parents, students but also mayors, scientists, architects, engineers, economists and associations that build the future starting from our public school. For me these are stories of courage, in the etymological sense of putting heart and action, because carrying out changes is not easy in a system like the Italian one and in particular in schools, which are plastered by bureaucracy and above all by the logic of control “.

Galimberti’s provocation and the reality of the school

“Umberto Galimberti at the last Festival of the Philosopher in Modena – recalls Carreras – raised the issue of the role of teachers, and in particular of those who would not have the passion and pedagogical training to teach. Here I believe that the theme must be overturned. That it is necessary to start from the need to restore dignity to our teachers who in recent years have been abandoned by politics and any form of investment. For example, is it possible that to become a teacher in middle and high schools there is no dedicated course of study, as happens for example for primary school? Is it possible that in these courses of study there is little or nothing about pedagogy, about learning to teach, and everything is resolved to the pure notions of Italian, mathematics or science? And once inside the school it is possible that our teaching staff is divided, as one of the protagonists of my book tells me, between missionaries And disillusioned: between those who commit themselves, for example, to innovate their study method and those who take out their notebooks to replicate the usual lesson; between those who do not surrender to the shameful data of Italian early school leaving and go to look for the children at home and those who, on the other hand, just close the door of their classroom and make the roll call? All this is not admissible: one cannot expect missionaries. We need to restore, I repeat, dignity to teachers. With serious investments in their education and career. And to do this, there must be a strong movement of opinion accompanying the necessary changes and reforms. Because there is already a school that works: however, we must all expect it to be put into the system ”.

With the presentation of his book, Sabrina Carreras will close tomorrow, September 23, the September appointments of “Elastic in the park”, The literary review at the Montagnola Park organized by Elastic in collaboration with Frida in the park e Ubik Libraries of Bologna. The appointment is for Friday 23 September at 7pm Frida’s kiosk (via Irnerio, 2/3 – free admission). The author will talk to Federico Taddiatelevision author, essayist, television host, journalist, radio host: currently hosts the program “I Padrieterni” on Radio24, he writes on The print And baby mousecollaborates in the program On Tuesday by Giovanni Floris ea The words from Massimo Gramellini. He is the creator of the program The Band of the champions on Rai Gulp.

Now or never”. The book about school

There our interview to the author, Sabrina Carreras

“You cannot count on the missionary spirit of the teachers, you need to restore dignity to the category”. Sabrina Carreras at Orizzonte Scuola – Orizzonte Scuola News