“A good opportunity”, a school in Ostia takes the field against bullying

A school of Host against the bullying, thanks to a socio-educational project presented in the Campidoglio. While Italy is still incredulous by the news of the thirteen-year-old who committed suicide in Monopoli, after her ‘friends’ were excluded from the whatsapp group, guilty of yet another bullying act, solutions are being sought in proposals such as ‘A good chance’ socio-educational project against cyber and bullying, drama for many inside and outside the net. The chairman of the board Giorgia Meloni has shown support for the project involving schools, in particular in Rome the comprehensive schools of the II and X Districts, i.e. the schools of Via Micheli in Parioli and Via Mar dei Caribbean in Ostia.

“A good opportunity” to defeat bullying: the project

“A good occasion” was presented in the Campidoglio, the socio-educational project dedicated to bullying and cyberbullying which will involve students, teachers and school administrators of the capital with activities, seminars and workshops on various subjects: above all art and sport. The first to join were the comprehensive schools of Via Micheli ai Parioli, II Municipality, and Via Mar dei Caribbean in Ostia, X Municipality.

The initiative lasting a school year provides for the activation of a scientific-cultural intervention in lower secondary schools located in two socially, culturally and economically very different areas, Ostia and Parioli, demonstrating how the phenomenon of bullying and cyberbullying knows no territorial boundaries or classy. The first two schools that joined, to which special thanks go, are IC Via Mare dei Caribbean (Ostia) and IC Via Micheli (Parioli). In the operational phase of the project there will also be the collaboration of Dr. Maddalena Cialdella, CTU of the Court of Rome.

Also a song to defeat bullying

The songwriters are also present Roberta Marchetti and Davide De Mariniswho wrote a song of the same name presented in the Campidoglio (look here), moved by the thought of forming new generations in which bullies, who are nothing but inflated balloons, end up deflating. Concepts also shared by the Honorable Member Paula FrassinettiUndersecretary of State at the Ministry of Education and Merit, who underlined the commitment of the Meloni Government in contrasting negative phenomena such as bullying and cyber-bullying in schools.

“I am a mother and I have always had youth issues at heart. This project – he adds Robert Marchetti – was truly born out of friendship and sharing, a concrete way of taking the field to create A Good Opportunity for Dialogue which always remains the best weapon to resize those who make arrogance their strength”.

concludes David DeMarinis: “A Good Occasion is aimed not only at children, but above all at families, so that they do not underestimate the problem and find the strength and humility to know how to ask for help. In the video, we will sit with Roberta among the desks, trying to understand their point of view, putting ourselves on the same level, to dialogue through music”.

The presentation, moderated by the journalist Valerio Cassetta, was also attended by Senator Cecilia D’Elia, the Councilor of the Capitoline Assembly and promoter of the project, Giovanni Zannola, Professor Pino Capua, sports doctor and president of the FIGC Anti-Doping Commission and the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone.

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“A good opportunity”, a school in Ostia takes the field against bullying