A mother denounces homophobic insults to her daughter at a school in Madrid: “Her tutor told us that we have to respect the opinion of others”

A mother has denounced this Sunday on Twitter that his daughter has been suffering for months homophobic comments in the public school in the south of the city of Madrid that some children attend, without their teacher or the center having taken measures to address the situation so far. The woman, whose name is Angela (without an accent) Porras, has decided to take the case to the educational inspectorate, which is going to open an investigation, and has requested help from the FAPA Giner de los Ríos de Madrid family federation, whose legal services They have begun this Monday to study the case. The girl studies one of the last years of primary school.

The messages that the mother posted on the social network have had hundreds of retweets and responses, mostly messages of support. In the first one she wrote, she stated: “Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, which in my family has already become synonymous with anguish because the next day you have to go to school.” And a little later: “The girl goes in and out of school crying, she often goes to the infirmary because her anxiety causes her belly ache.” And towards the end of the chain of messages: “On Thursday, in the dining room, she began to cry and said that she wanted to die. Again we found out from other children, the school does not inform us of anything. No one has seen anything.”

Porras, who is a writer, explains that the insults began last year, and that their tutor at that time told them that she would be pending. The derogatory comments, including expressions such as “gays are like a virus that spreads” or “gays are behind the pandemic”, continued, however, after the summer, and the girl’s new guardian he has shown little willingness to intervene or protect the girl, according to the mother. “We ask you to please take advantage of the Values ​​class to give them a little talk to the students or to show them a video explaining that gays are not disgusting. In the end, we don’t ask for much either. And the teacher told us that we had to respect the opinion of others. That he is not going to do anything concrete to promote respect for LGTBI people, because he does not consider that the LGTBI collective deserves special respect. That he teaches everyone to respect and he’s done, ”explains the woman over the phone. Porras told the teacher that she and her husband were fine with asking for respect for everyone, but in view of the fact that there was “a specific problem” they thought that the issue should also be addressed in a “concrete” way. .

Not only have they not succeeded, but the consequence, the woman maintains, has been that the teacher has started to point at the girl. “He is constantly telling her that it is that she does not respect the opinions of others. One day she asked him in front of the whole class how many friends she had. And when she answered I don’t know, whoever they were, she told him: ‘Perhaps if you respected others you would have more.’ The managers of the management team have shown themselves, he continues, to be understanding from a personal point of view and treat the girl well, but so far they have not taken action either. The parents are not aware that the center has initiated the bullying protocol, and the message that has been transmitted to them has been that the girl is “very sensitive”. Porras has gone to the educational inspection this Monday and is waiting for an appointment to present the case. This newspaper has tried to obtain the version of the center (whose name does not appear in the article to protect the identity of the girl), which has been sent to the Education Council of the Community of Madrid. This ensures that “the anti-harassment team and the specialized team to prevent and improve emotional care in schools and institutes will analyze what happened” and that the educational inspection “will appear at the center to verify the actions carried out by the educational team and the center in this case.

The mother assures that she also told what her daughter was experiencing in the WhatsApp chat of the parents of the class, whom she asked to talk to their children. The response from most of the parents was supportive, she says, although there were some who did not respond.

protect students

Gema Bru, head of legal services at FAPA Giner de los Ríos, the main organization for public school families in Madrid, began studying the complaint on Monday. The lawyer prefers not to comment on the specific case, but in general she affirms that “attacks or lack of respect for students, and also with hints of homophobia, cannot be accepted in educational centers.” “Teachers are obliged to treat students with respect and protect them so that they do not feel any physical or psychological harm. And if attitudes of this type are taking place, they must be stopped from the first minute, ”says Bru. The rights of students are guaranteed by legislation in general and especially by educational regulations, particularly in this case by the decree of school coexistence of the Community of Madrid, published in 2019.

Families who believe their children are being bullied should start by talking to their guardian, as Angela and her husband have done. If there is no result, raise the matter with the management of the center, and then with the different levels of the educational inspectorate. If none of these instances work, it is possible to go to court, a level that, according to the FAPA Madrid lawyer, is reached very rarely.

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A mother denounces homophobic insults to her daughter at a school in Madrid: “Her tutor told us that we have to respect the opinion of others”