A school in Alicante launches a toy collection campaign and vetoes Disney toys

Give a second life to your toys also stories (not from Disney, not sexist)“. This is the message with which the association of mothers and fathers of students from the Voramar school in the city of Alicante has coordinated the campaign to collect material for two-year-olds.

“School needs you!” It was the claim with which the message shared on social networks was headed to encourage this collection. In it they listed the requirements to manage the project. “We ask you to donate wooden toys, chairs or a supermarket cart, puzzle in good condition, motorcycles, tricycles, three-wheeled scooters, etc. (toys without batteries, not warlike, not sexist or stuffed animals)”.

Everything collected during the two weeks that it has been active the campaign took into account that “the entire department of the ministry has not yet arrived”. That is why they pointed out in this message that although the main audience they thought of for this was two-year-old students, they could also be “perhaps usable for other classrooms”.

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The concern for sexism, with which they apparently associated the American multinational in their statement of entertainment, is also expressed in “the newly created AMPA equality group”, as indicated in another message distributed through its channels on social networks.

In this other activity, which is currently underway, they invited to participate in the International Day for the eradication of gender violence. There they remember that “the motto of the school (and ours) is Do not let it pass (to violence)and for this reason next week we are going to paint the access doors to the center lilac”.

Last year, the Ministry of Consumption already presented a guide in which he delved into stereotypes which he considered to be transmitted through toys. And so Alberto Garzón also supported by means of a guide that the purchase at Christmas should take into account the sexual stereotypes that could be present in playful materials in order to reject them. And so that boys and girls can “develop their full potential”.

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The Consumption guide indicated among the more present stereotypes the use of the color pink for girls and blue for boys; the use of diminutives for the toys aimed at them as opposed to the superlatives used in theirs; or the references to magic and fashion for girls, as opposed to warfare for boys.

“What At first glance it may seem like an innocent classification.: pink or blue, it can have serious consequences in their future, limiting their possibilities in one of the most important stages for learning”, warned this guide.

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A school in Alicante launches a toy collection campaign and vetoes Disney toys