A school renovation project in Ballots by 2024

The mayor and a deputy, as well as the director of the school, discussed, in the fall of 2022, the project to renovate and extend the Alphonse-Lefizelier school group. (©Haut Anjou)

To Balots (Mayenne)rue de Bretagne, the Alphonse-Lefizelier school, with 114 pupils, from kindergarten to CM2, divided into five classes, date of 1980. Aging, it deserves work. After the conclusions of a research firm in September 2022The municipality plans to keep it, by renovating it.

Built by the architect Bernard Houet of Laval (Mayenne), school was designed in the shape of a star or pie chart. “Its design is atypical”, loose Evelyne ClaereboutDeputy Mayor of Bundles to community life. “But she is aging. »

The energy issue

The reflection has matured: should we build one new school or renovate the Alponse-Lefizelier school? “Two years ago, we approached the Belenfant law firm to Nozay (Loire-Atlantique) to guide us on the subject”, explains Francois Quargnulmayor of Bundles.

“The thermal issue was one of the criteria. Aluminum frames are real energy sieves. The bill amounts to €10,000 per year. We hope to reduce it by 30% to 50%. »

In September 2022, the Belenfant firm’s diagnosis concluded that it was possible to rehabilitate the school. “It is so original that it must be kept. The municipality wanted to engage “a participatory approach” in the project.

Benedict Malliertown planning mediator at Pre-en-Pail (Mayenne)was commissioned to carry out this study in the form of workshops with residents, teachers, student transporters in Bundles.

Courses of action

the October 7, 2022, the conclusions were delivered to the elected officials, which allows them to have “courses of action”. It shows that “the inhabitants are very attached to their school, with its welcoming hall”, remarks Claire Claerebout.

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Hence the desire to preserve the building and its hall with the admirable frescoes of the former director, Mr Filocheto move towards an essential extension of the premises (rooms, dormitory, etc.), because it was originally designed for two classes.

It is therefore planned to keep the grassy and wooded courtyard, current today, to reduce the temperature in summer, unlike the paved courtyards.

The recreational play areas will be maintained, as well as the footpath that goes from rue de Paris to rue de Bretagne.

““It is also important to consider another use of the premises, because we do not control the evolution of demography. Who can say how many children there will be in a few years? »

Francois QuargnulMayor of Ballots

The next phase consists of finding the architect to carry out the renovation of the school, “a project costing 1 or 2 million euros. We have been provisioning for years. We hope to launch the architect competition in the first quarter 2023 “says the mayor.

The renovation works of the Alphonse-Lefizelier school in Bundles could start in 2024.

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A school renovation project in Ballots by 2024