A starred chef at the trade school of Pavia

Chef David BOLDOVA of the gourmet restaurant “NOVODABO” in Zaragoza at the CFA in Pavia

As part of the mobility project abroad (Erasmus+), the Gers trades school received part of the team from the gastronomic restaurant “NOVODABO de Zaragosse dans l’Aragon” during the week of January 10th.

A starred chef recognized in the profession.

David BOLDOVA studied at the Superior Hotel School of Aragon in Teruel. Later, he worked and continued his apprenticeship in prestigious restaurants, such as Arzak with Juan Mari Arzak or the Akelarre restaurant with Pedro Subijana.He has taken part in various cooking shows on Spanish television and recently on the “TOP CHEF célebrity” show. His restaurant has two Repsol Guide Suns, the last of them in 2021, a recognition that rewards the best restaurants and chefs in Spain and Portugal.In addition, it is recommended in the Michelin Guide and has received other awards and distinctions since its opening, including the Best Restaurant in Aragon 2015 or the Best Restaurant 2011 and 2014, awarded by the Cultural and Gastronomic Society “Sabor Aragonés. »

He has been training young people in cooking and service in his restaurant for many years and since 2017 apprentice cooks and waiters from the CFA of Pavia will work in European mobility for 15 days in his restaurant. He is accompanied by his brother Alejandro Boldova, sommelier and head of the restaurant and his chef Christian.

A studious visit for professional patents.

For the first “Practical Work” on Tuesday, January 10, David Boldova created 3 dishes that he had made for the Professional Arts of First and Final Cooking Certificates. The apprentices worked on his recipes and developed them under the watchful eye of David Boldova, Christian the chef and Jean-Marie Brunel the CFA cooking teacher. The dessert (also from the Novodabo restaurant menu) was designed by the additional pastry, ice cream and chocolate makers under the supervision of David Boldova and Laurine Asfaux, pastry teacher.

In the dining room, Alejandro Boldova and Frédéric De Oliveira oversee the service arts and restaurant marketing professional certificates. A service at the height of the kitchen. The guests were able to appreciate this “gastronomic practical work” Thursday, January 12, and it was the turn of the “seafood” practical work to get into action with the making of a dozen seafood platters for some forty lucky customers who could have booked.

Apprentice cooks, waiters and pastry chefs were thus able to learn the rigor, finesse, creation and level of requirement of what a gourmet restaurant must bring to customers.

The trade school of Pavia warmly thanks David and his team for having chosen the CFA to come and demonstrate new methods and for having trained the apprentices in techniques specific to gastronomy. It is on a discovery of the region and its Gers products and specialties that this superb operation ended. Sure that all these young people will keep from this experience a beautiful culinary memory and an enriching linguistic and cultural exchange.

An operation that further highlights – if necessary – the reputation and quality of training for CFA Pavia apprentices.

A starred chef at the trade school of Pavia