A teacher and the lifeguard of the Williams School arrested after the death of a minor in a swimming class

Protest of some parents before the Williams SchoolRogelio Morales Ponce (DARKFOURTH)

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office announced this Sunday the arrest of two people in relation to to the case of Abner, the six-year-old boy who drowned earlier this week during a pool class at Williams College. She is the swimming teacher and the lifeguard of the private center’s San Jerónimo campus facilities. The family has accused those responsible for the center of negligence and filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. After reviewing the images of what happened, recorded by the school’s cameras, the authorities have decided to make the arrests for “possible participation in a crime of homicide with eventual intent.”

Sources from the young Abner’s family have assured EL PAÍS that they feel “anger at the atrocities seen in the video.” “A totally careless teacher without the necessary training, and a lifeguard who quietly leaves his work area when my nephew was unconscious,” criticized Lorena Álvarez, the boy’s aunt, in relation to the detainees.

The coordinator of advisers of the capital prosecutor’s office, Ulises Lara, announced at a press conference that, after an analysis of the images, interviews and expert opinions, the prosecutor’s office was able to obtain “solid and convincing evidence” against the two people. During his appearance, Lara made a reconstruction of the minor’s last hour and a half alive. From 9 a.m. last Monday, when swimming classes begin, until 10:30 a.m., when the Magdalena Contreras Maternal and Child Hospital certified Abner Leonel’s death by drowning.

The coordinator has explained, through an exhaustive reconstruction, that those responsible for the pool did not comply, at least, with due care during the event. “You can see that the swim teacher’s attention was on throwing more boards into the lane for the pre-trained kids who were diving and not supervising the kid who was already in the water,” she said. Lara has also assured that the lifeguard descended from the elevated surveillance chair and walked towards the dressing room area “leaving his work area”.

Abner’s relatives told this newspaper what in their opinion was a chain of negligence which precipitated the child’s death. Opacity, confused responses, a strange resuscitation notice, a video call with the cardiologist and the change to another health center.

“What Williams School is hiding was confirmed, the negligence with which they have behaved from minute one of this horror story,” Álvarez said a few days after what happened on the San Jerónimo campus. The family has criticized that from the direction of the educational center they have heard versions “that seek to hold” the child responsible.

The school will remain closed until next Wednesday to advance the investigations, a decision made by the school authorities of the capital. The family has criticized from the beginning the lack of communication that the center has had with them. Álvarez defended that the only interaction that the parents had with the school director was last Tuesday, a day after Abner’s death, when the relatives, along with the parents of other children, demonstrated at the gates of the school. Mixcoac.

Through the networks, the Williams School has sent three communications since last Monday, the day the boy died: two in which they assured that they would facilitate the investigations to the authorities and another in which they reported the appearance of accounts in Twitter that usurped the identity of the directors of the center. Álvarez has criticized the position of the educational center through its networks. “Williams College launched a campaign to wash their faces. We won’t allow it.” pointed out through a tweet.

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A teacher and the lifeguard of the Williams School arrested after the death of a minor in a swimming class