alert deficiencies in irrigation canals and school valued at S/ 8.5 million

Created on Monday, November 21, 2022 05:10:40 pm

The district municipality has already paid almost the entire amount budgeted for projects whose investment and useful life are at risk

Alert deficiencies in irrigation canals and school valued at 8.5 million soles

Alert deficiencies in irrigation canals and school valued at 8.5 million soles 2

The Comptroller General of the Republic alerted the District Municipality of Macate (Santa province) that there are deficiencies in the construction of six irrigation canals and in the reconstruction of the school in the town of Lupahuari, situations that put the useful life of both projects and public investment of 8.5 million soles.

On October 5 and 6, a control commission inspected sections of the work to improve and reconstruct the irrigation infrastructure in populated centers and hamlets of Macate, which is executed by the district commune for 5.9 million soles, a random sample that considered six irrigation channels in Huasquil, Santa Rosa de Paquirca and Santa Ana, Iran and Seccha.

As detailed in Control Report No. 024-2022-OCI/0344-SVC, the channel sections have lower geometric dimensions than those established in the technical file; They present cracks, fissures and a poor finish on surfaces, edges, formwork and in the sealing of expansion joints. The same occurs with the new water collection system in Chiripampa, where there are cracks at the base of the concrete slab, and remains of cement bags and wood incrustations on the walls.

It was also verified that the fill items with selected material and elimination of excess material were not carried out, and the area of ​​the metering built in the concrete channels is less than that established in the technical file. Despite this, the Macate District Municipality made payments of 5 million soles to the contractor, leaving a balance of 927 thousand soles.

A similar situation occurs in the recovery of Educational Institution No. 88070 (Lupahuari), where the commune of Macate paid 2.5 million soles of the total contract, which amounts to 2.8 million soles. The project should have been completed on September 12, but it presents non-compliance with the technical file, as detailed in Control Report No. 022-2022-OCI/0344-SVC.

The Comptroller’s Office verified cracks in floors and walls (classrooms 1 and 2, patio steps, restrooms, administration, multipurpose room, and ramp retaining walls), misalignment, and lack of uniformity in the Andean tile roofs and wooden straps. , detachment of tarrajeo in the portico of the entrance area and risks in the placement of the metallic cover in the schoolyard.

The control entity also warned that the municipality of Macate has been failing to register the data in the Infobras system, as required by the regulations, referring to the state, execution time, physical progress, financial progress and completion date of the plays; omissions that limit social control and transparency of public works.

The concurrent control reports were prepared by the Institutional Control Body (OCI) of the Provincial Municipality of Santa and communicated to the mayor of Macate so that the corresponding preventive and corrective measures may be adopted. In addition, they are published in the Control Reports Search Engine for citizen access. (RSD News).

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alert deficiencies in irrigation canals and school valued at S/ 8.5 million