ALÈS The Alès School of Mines inaugurates its creativity center

Conceived following the withdrawal of the CCI from the Nîmes branch of IMT Mines Alès (Mines Telecom Institute), the Creativity Hub was inaugurated on Monday. An architectural success that should allow business creators and their skills to meet.

The entrance hall of the building is occupied by an auditorium which also serves as a staircase (photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

Airy and inspiring, the very architecture of the Creativity Hub is a sort of agora that aims to facilitate dialogue. Rooms can accommodate spontaneous or more in-depth work sessions, a cafeteria remains open and more relaxed lounges allow casual discussions.

Because the Creativity Hub harbors the energy and innovation of those who invest in it, starting with the incubator which accommodates the needs of tomorrow. Or thought not long ago since the building, if it was inaugurated today, has been in operation for a good year. Dreamed up by the former director of IMT Mines Alès, Bruno Goubet, helped by the Region, the State and the Agglo d’Alès (out of the €8.25 million excluding taxes that the building, its equipment and its surroundings), imagined by the Emmanuel Nebout architecture studio, this “bean” (as it was initially nicknamed by some, according to Bruno Goubet) extends over 1,782 m2.

Many funders behind the cutting tape (photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

But everything seems light in this building whose passageways – which also allow you to climb the floors – are reminiscent of a tower of Babel, under a delicately woven framework. IMT is thus asserting itself even more as “a recognized player in support of business development”, underlined the current director, Assia Tria. A “model campus, an environmental example”, recalled the director, referring to the Silver level achieved by the building in terms of the Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings approach.


A “woven” frame by a company from Montélimar (photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

The central auditorium thus allows, according to Assia Tria, “a permanent interaction. This totem place will make the name of Alès shine far beyond our territory”, prophesied Assia Tria. A “tool of international scope”, according to the president of the Department, Françoise Laurent-Perrigot, even “unique in Europe” according to Assia Tria, which also serves to “build the world of tomorrow” for Christophe Rivenq, president of Alès Agglo . For example, the incubator welcomes start-ups like Zemo, a company that works on equipment for the cinema; Cryosocks, which imagines mobile cryotherapy; or Greenvision, which wants to vegetate masts and lights. And these are just a few. examples of the inventiveness of students and activity creators.

Francois Desmeures

ALÈS The Alès School of Mines inaugurates its creativity center