Alhendín inaugurates his desired and necessary school with the visit of Juanma Moreno

Two decades have had to wait the residents of Alhendin to see one of their greatest demands fulfilled. The municipality of Granada, with more than 10,000 inhabitants, finally has a new Infant and Primary education centera facility that will accommodate more than 300 boys and girls.

The morning of this Monday, September 12, will be remembered with enthusiasm by the little ones at the start of a new school year and as a historic moment for Alhendín. As explained by its mayor, Francis Rodriguez, this has been the first time that a president of the Junta de Andalucía visits the town, a fact that, added to the inauguration of the school, makes this date a very special day.

Accompanied by Marifran Carazo, Minister of Development, Infrastructures and Planning; Anthony GranadosGovernment delegate in Granada, and Patricia of the Well, Counselor for Educational Development and Vocational Training; Rodríguez and Moreno have inaugurated these desired facilities in their assembly hall. The mayor of Alhendín has indicated that finally the “children have the right to a first level education”. “There have been years of struggle and a lot of work to get the necessary spaces so that the little ones could be at the same level as the boys and girls of other towns and provinces. We converted warehouses, the caretaker’s house and any space at our disposal into classrooms to be able to serve them as they deserved”, he pointed out.

Juanma Moreno’s visit to the new Infant and Primary educational center in Alhendín | Photo: Dani B.

The residents of the municipality of Granada had already been requesting this much-needed space for two decades, facilities that construction began in 2017 and that this Monday has finally been able to open its doors with 42 classrooms available. Before giving the witness to the President of the Board, Francisco Rodríguez wanted to apologize, both on his behalf and on behalf of his predecessors, to the “1,000 children who entered a school with prefabricated classrooms and left the institute in the same conditions “. “Luckily, today we finally fulfilled a dream,” he stressed.

Juanma Moreno made special emphasis on how special and significant the inauguration of this new educational center is, not only for Alhendín, but also for the Andalusian government, since it is an evident sign of the Board’s commitment to continue taking steps in the “most powerful tool that society has to generate a better future for all”.

The smallest of Alhendín will return to occupy their desks “leaving behind those prefabricated classrooms of the CEIP Sagrado Corazón and they will do it in a modern center designed with all the requirements established by teachers and students”. The president of the Board has stressed that not only is this school inaugurated, but also, “only in Granada there are 56 works completed for the improvement of educational centers with a investment of more than 17 million euros“. Some adaptations of which he has highlighted those carried out in 20 schools, framed in the Bioclimatization and Renewable Energies Program, aimed at solving the problems caused by climate change.

Continuing with the challenges for this new school year, Juanma Moreno highlighted the 4.4% reduction in early school leavinga percentage that still stands at 17.7%, a figure that the president acknowledges “is worrying” and on which they will work “to lower it significantly in this legislature.”

The president of the Junta de Andalucía not only highlighted the Andalusian government’s commitment to education in terms of students, but also teachers. “This year there is 15,000 fewer students in Infant and Primary due to falling birth rate. Despite this, once again we have more classrooms and the largest permanent staff in the history of the autonomous community with 124,000 teachers between the public network and the concerted network, counting this year with 5,000 more teachers. The logical thing is that if there are fewer students, there will be fewer teachers and educational centers, however, this government is committed to maintaining most of the reinforcements from last year, even with the pandemic almost over. This means that, by having more teachers, we are gradually lowering the ratio of students per teacher, so we can say that, today, we have the lowest average ratios in the history of Andalusia”.

The president of the Board together with the mayor of Alhendín at the inauguration of the school | Photo: Dani B.

The school year is presented with many novelties, not only due to the entry into force of the LOMLOE, but also due to other measures that the Andalusian executive is going to implement this year. The first of them, the salary improvement for the body of teachers and professors, a progressive salary increase that will begin this course and will end on 24/25 to reach the Spanish average. On the other hand, Juanma Moreno announced during the visit to Alhendín the approval of a check for an amount of 100 euros for each child enrolled in compulsory education, which reaches up to 16 years, of those families whose income is less than 15,000 euros.

Alhendín inaugurates his desired and necessary school with the visit of Juanma Moreno