All to school in the tree. «So half an hour of lessons is worth an hour»

from Francesco Sellari

The project realized in Cesano Maderno for elementary school children. Teacher Corbetta: «In the open air stress is lowered and attention increased»

The public park languishes. It’s not really abandoned but it looks a bit “resigned”. It would take an idea to revitalize it, make it more beautiful and usable. So the school children who pass by there every day and see it from the school windows think about it: a big house in the trees… wouldn’t that be fantastic? After a year, thanks to the commitment of the administration and the involvement of a specialized company, their dream becomes reality. This beautiful story comes from Cesano Maderno, a Brianza town of about 40,000 inhabitants, where the Municipality has seen fit to give shape to the dreams of the boys by creating a house-classroom housed at a height of three meters among the strong branches of a group of Cedars. And so the urban park in via San Bernardo is the first in Italy to host an educational “treehouse”..

Children will be its users but they are also its “creators”. «Last year the Municipality asked our students to present projects to redevelop the park. We were received and delivered the drawings to the mayor and councilor. Among these projects there was also that of a large tree house, a place to take refuge and play. After a year, the children saw their dream come true and they are enthusiastic about it», he says Marilena Crescione primary school teacher of the Minotti comprehensive school». «The structure is beautiful and we thought we could use it as a reading room or to do science: nature observation activities and biodiversity study», he adds.

The children of BBE – Brianza Bilingual Education, an equal bilingual primary school, have already started attending their new classroom on the tree. “They almost found it hard to believe it,” he adds Marcella Corbetta who teaches at the BBE – I must admit that the administration stood by its word and moved quickly». And then she explains what she thinks are the main benefits ofoutdoor education: «Curiosity and creativity are much more stimulated. Children feel good in the open air, stress is lowered and attention is increased. I would go so far as to say that half an hour of class outdoors is as functional as an hour of class indoors».

17 square meters wide, it was designed by the architect Daniele Volante for the Sullalbero company
, a company specialized in the creation of «treehouses». Built with environmentally friendly materials and wood PEFC certified, international certification program that guarantees the sustainable management of forests, the suspended classroom in Cesano Maderno it is equipped with a blackboard, tables and chairs, a library for book crossing. And then one xylotheque, or a “collection” to know and distinguish the different varieties of wood.

The classroom is also equipped with one speaking tube to talk to each other remotely and a smartphone amplifier made by Vaia Wood, a company that is giving new life to the trees felled by the storm that devastated the woods of the North East in 2018. While the agri tech startup 3Bee has created for pollinator box named Polly. Finally, there is no shortage of outdoor games: climbing wall and net, slide, terrace, Tibetan bridge, fireman’s pole and ladder that climbs among the trees. «A project designed for children for their happiness, for their desire for adventure» he declared the mayor of Cesano Maderno, Gianpiero Bocca, which had the merit of following up on a project born with the previous administration. «Here they will be able to play, fantasize and learn in contact with nature». And we, who have always dreamed of a tree house, will fantasize a little with them.

November 24, 2022 (change November 24, 2022 | 16:40)

All to school in the tree. «So half an hour of lessons is worth an hour»