Antigua International School and Rafael Landivar University announce alliance

Antigua International School (AIS) and Rafael Landívar University present a program for teachers in training that supports the potential of an education that meets the needs of the 21st century.

Guatemala. Executives from Antigua International School AIS and Rafael Landivar University, Antigua campus presented details of the Teacher Training Program (Teacher Training Center – TTC), a joint teacher training project. This program offers students of careers in education at the URL Sede Antigua the opportunity to continue their professionalization and be part of an international educational community, as well as receive mentoring from an experienced teacher, constant training and a monthly stipend to defray expenses.

The duration of the program is 10 months: starting in August 2022, ending in May 2023. During the program, teachers in training will receive scholarships from AIS, in coordination with the Department of Education of Sede Antigua, Faculty of Humanities, during two semesters. In addition, they will be able to attend training workshops in specific areas, such as reading, writing, mathematics and English. In the first cohort there are 9 students from the careers of Teachers in Secondary Education in Psychology and Pedagogy, Teachers and Degree in Initial and Pre-Primary Education.

“The Teacher Training Program (TTC) has the objective of maximizing the professional development of teachers in training and providing opportunities for growth through formative evaluation. Likewise, a semi-annual final evaluation is carried out that allows evidence of growth throughout a semester and establishes areas of growth. Additionally, a summative evaluation will be carried out, to consolidate the professional growth of the teacher in training and integrate it with their university academic performance” Luis Carillo, Coordinator of the TTC.

In the first semester, the teacher in training who participates in the program will focus on learning the methodologies and tools that allow him to know the identity of the students. In the second semester she will focus on continuing the learning of the methodology and integration of the knowledge acquired from the first semester.

This alliance in favor of education promotes the development of teachers in training, being part of the experience and recognition of an educational institution such as AIS, and having the opportunity to continue their studies in one of the most recognized universities in Guatemala. . The knowledge acquired will be of great value to future professionals in Education.

Antigua International School has been characterized by implementing an educational culture based on its conviction that, to transform a country, it must start with the youth; provide them with tools to dream of better possibilities for themselves and their families.

The current national educational system is based on filling the minds of students with content; in AIS, students are guided to learn how to think and allow them to imagine ideas, to improve society and the country through acts that make a difference.

“All this has been thanks to the support and commitment of the team of national and international teachers made up of more than 50% of professionals with master’s degrees and doctorates in their different specialties, who challenge themselves every day with the application of different teaching techniques. teaching to innovate in the classroom”, expressed Mónica de Dios de Fortuny, Administrative Technical Director.

During these years, constant work has been done to create a curriculum that prepares students for university and for life; College-level courses have been implemented that allow students to challenge themselves. Another of the differentiators has been the alliance with the PILA program of Princeton University and being authorized to be an SAT center; ACT, AP- to offer tests necessary to access universities in the United States and Europe.

The legacy of AIS starts from the understanding that education is not only a means to success, but also the tool to develop as professionals in any part of the world, regardless of the branch of profession they choose in this changing era. Their mission will continue in a process of improvement and growth, which will allow them to provide an international and holistic education of excellence. Guide them in a personalized way and cultivate a love of learning.

Antigua International School is located on a campus that has known how to respond according to need; sure to offer students an experience of comfort and direct contact with nature, large green areas and open-concept interior spaces that transmit tranquility and serenity to promote proper learning.

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Antigua International School and Rafael Landivar University announce alliance