Antognini, emergency accommodation in Ancona: homeless man in the school building site after the construction has stopped

ANCONA During the week the seismic adaptation works will resume at Antognini schools in via Bramante, but before starting work the workers will have to contend with a group of foreigners who have created a sort of bivouac on the upper floors of the building complex. To denounce what is happening is a group of residents of the area right in via Bramante and via Scandali who for days have noticed a continuous movement inside the school where in recent months the renovation and seismic adaptation works for an amount have been entrusted. of 3 million euros. The construction site had to stop in recent weeks for a variant, linked to the foundations of the building, then approved by the municipal technicians. Now the workers are ready to get to work to continue in the work. However, the people who have used this area to shelter from the weather and get a bed in the temporarily abandoned construction site will have to deal with this bivouac first.

The closure

A presence as mentioned that has not escaped the residents of the buildings opposite who for years have found a ruin in front of the house that has become a real receptacle for stragglers, homeless people and drug addicts. Closed in 2012, the Antognini in a few months became a sort of gallery of horrors with the entire building that was also vandalized by baby thugs, many of whom were later identified by the police. The situation has been going on for years with the Municipality that has never managed to secure the building where the electrical system has been completely removed by the copper thieves in particular.

The yard

With the start of the works, the residents breathed a sigh of relief but now they find themselves once again having to deal with a bivouac that many hope can be removed in a short time. According to a first indication, about ten people have found shelter inside the complex where in addition to sleeping and cooking they also managed to do the laundry complete with clothes hanging out to dry. Poor desperate people who have nowhere to go to sleep and who may not yet have their documents in order and for this reason cannot access the assistance services offered in the midst of a thousand difficulties by the Municipality of the capital. Some of these until a few days ago slept under the stilt house of the Passetto by the sea, then with the arrival of autumn they moved elsewhere. Homeless who for some time bivouacked in the port area until they were sent away enough to move the problem to another part of the city as was easy to predict. The works were delivered on 11 November 2021 and are currently in progress. The works for the seismic adaptation and energy efficiency of the building that housed the “Carlo Antognini” primary school were assigned in November last year. The completion of the construction site is expected within the first half of next year, the intervention can count on a total budget of 2.995 million, of which 1.8 million for the contractual amount of the works.

Antognini, emergency accommodation in Ancona: homeless man in the school building site after the construction has stopped