Arthur Delaporte, child of the school of the Republic

If there is one magic power that any MP wishes it had, it is this: the ability to duplicate. A useful talent when it comes to scrapping at the Palais Bourbon, in Paris, while plowing a constituency sometimes far from the capital. This gift, Arthur Delaporte seems to have it, he who followed at the same time a course at Science-Po Paris and at the ENS de Lyon. Is it this skill that caught the attention of the Socialist Party (PS)? Is it rather the reception of the price of the François-Mitterrand Institute following a report devoted to the trip of the former president to Sofia? Still, Arthur Delaporte, 31, elected deputy in June, was propelled spokesperson for the socialist group from his first steps in the Assembly.

“A demanding, stimulating role, which sometimes resembles the exercise of a tightrope walker: you have to find the right word so that a collective position is fully reflected in individual speech”says the parliamentarian from Calvados, who distinguished himself and experienced his first trial by fire during the reform of unemployment insurance. “I was PS speaker on this text. It is a law of incredible brutality. The right has agreed with Macronie to sign this blank check which allows the government to change the rules by simple decree, without going through Parliament. The deputies agreed to dispossess themselves of the power they had on the subject! And this law will wreak havoc, we can already see it”, he berates. Despite the adoption of the text, Arthur Delaporte appreciates having “Hold together on the Nupes side with Pierre Dharréville and François Ruffin. We hold on. We have differences that cannot be denied, but we invent and we build together. On unemployment insurance, we were able to lead a good game in the Hemicycle. This was not even the case on the PLF and the PLFSS, imposed without debate with blows of 49.3…”.

“I am for a social democracy in action”

These first steps into the light were not, however, Arthur Delaporte’s first in the Assembly. “Before being elected, I worked with PS deputies Yann Galut and Karine Berger on the first part of the Hollande five-year term. I had a very bad experience of the sequel, from a distance. » In particular the project of forfeiture of nationality… “The El Khomri law was a disaster, he continues. Social democracy, historically, is the defense of the interests of workers by accepting the electoral game. It is to consider that democracy is the only way to reverse the balance of power. But by reversing the hierarchy of norms, the socialist power of the time went against the true social-democratic project. The PS was in an ideological drift towards liberalism, whereas its base, its doctrine, is not that. »

The one who finds himself much more in the PS today was also from 2018 political adviser to Valérie Rabault, then president of the PS group at the Palais Bourbon. ” It was passionate. I was one of the workers in the campaign for a shared initiative referendum on the future of Aéroports de Paris, which the government wanted to privatize. It would be nice to propose a law so that the threshold of signatures drops to one million, as Macron had promised…” Other ideas? “We have a cultural battle to fight. I am for a social democracy in action, and for its overcoming by ecological socialism. There is a loss of confidence vis-à-vis the left in the public space, while paradoxically our themes are central. Liberal thought is weakened, the health, social and ecological crisis shows the need for the return of the State”measures the chosen one, who projects himself: “We must show that we are the best at carrying the project of collective well-being, social and ecological justice, by being aggregators of struggle, by defending a system of values ​​and a structuring horizon. »

Which ? That of the Social Republic. “I was nurtured at the school of the Republic, which must ensure equality between all. My father is a school principal and my mother a teacher. My four grandparents were also teachers., exposes Arthur Delaporte, himself an aggregate, just like his brother and his sister. From there to say that the Delaporte family perfectly embodies Republican meritocracy, there is only one step that the deputy invites not to cross completely. “If we do a bit of Bourdieusian sociology, we realize that it’s more complex. I grew up in a defined universe, in a very politicized and cultured family. My education was not done only by setting foot in school”he tempers.

Arthur Delaporte, child of the school of the Republic