Assessments and perspectives for the music school

Armusic held its General Assembly

This Friday, November 18, the Philippe Monello Service Center hosted the Jegunoise musical association ARMUSIC for its General Assembly.

Hugues Milard, President opened the meeting and thanked those present in the audience. The public had come in small numbers on this autumn evening. The members of the office distributed to all the accounting result for the 2021-2022 financial year ((cash accounts). But, before the reading, the President retraced the situation of the musical association which was not spared by the consequences of the health crisis.

Already, the music association has seen a slight drop in student numbers from the previous year; 85 students attended classes in Jégun. The tapas evening had to be canceled due to lack of volunteers.

Maryline Espéron, leader of the choir having resigned, was replaced by Véronique Far.

The President then presented the current situation of ARMUSIC Season 2022-2023.

If the choir sees a new impetus, under the leadership of Véronique Far, the number of students has decreased compared to the previous year. There were now 18 people attending the adult choir, which is double the number of the previous year. Following departures for higher education, the number of students, coming from Jégun, Castera-Verduzan, Saint Lary, amounts to 75 people.

The musical association which employs 9 teachers allows the learning of many instruments, including the violin which is the latest addition.

Treasurer Jean Noël Peyrieux, who has resigned, presented, for his last time, the accounting result for the 2021-2022 financial year, revealing a deficit balance of 325.92 euros. In detail, the total amount of expenses amounts to 40,295.73 euros, i.e.: personnel expenses, 32,576.50 euros – material investment, 1,766.85 euros – expenses for additional activities, 3,813.21 euros – operating expenses = 2,139.17 euros. The products break down as follows: self-financing, 25,077.98 euros – private partnerships, 1,057.83 euros – subsidies, 13,834.00 euros – That is a total of products equal to: 39,969.81 euros.

After the balance sheets, the projects

After reading these results, the President took the floor again to announce the forecasts for the current year. The events will be five in number. This year :

  • – Saturday 11 February 2023: tapas evenings with auditions
  • – Friday, June 23, 2023: music festival, couscous evening
  • – Sunday, June 25, 2023: hearing in the Sainte Candide church in Jégun
  • – Saturday July 15, 2023: festival at the bastion of Jégun
  • – Sunday, September 3, 2023: meal at the local festival.

The evening almost coming to an end, the President announced the new composition of the office: President: Hugues Milard – Treasurers: Adeline Geze and Béatrice Thirion – Secretary: Florence Cau, deputy Aurore Laffitte

The President closed this general assembly by thanking the members, the partners, the Foyer Rural, but also by emphasizing the involvement of two young girls: Zoé Durban and Mailys Saint Sernin. Serge Niort was warmly thanked for his loyalty to ARMUSIC, and in particular his participation in the choir.

The glass of friendship and its accompaniments marked the end of this beautiful evening.

Contact Armusic Hugues Milard: 06 80 99 61 67 – [email protected]

Assessments and perspectives for the music school