Association of Hammers of San Isidro vs. ZonaProp: Liderprop

It is no coincidence that CMCPSI and CUCICBA, both with jurisdiction in the most coveted areas for real estate businessess, are the ones that carry out the fiercest offensives against professionals who choose to work by contracting additional services, the sources consulted affirm:

In recent months, there has been specific harassment by the Colleges towards companies such as Mudafy and Zonaprop. In recent months, there has been specific harassment by the Colleges towards companies such as Mudafy and Zonaprop.


Liderprop, will it fail again?

what the numbers say

Regarding this new attempt to reposition To Liderprop, the CMCPSI strategy is not clear, and for this reason the initiative puzzled some leaders in the sector. The critical approach: “In their obsession with running from the market to franchises and cutting their dependence on leading search engines, it seems that the current leadership is in a process of self-isolation.”

It is clear that the goal of boosting their own property search sites is displace proptechs such as Zonaprop, Argenprop, Mercado Libre Inmuebles, Mudafy and Properatibut it is already more than proven that these individual attempts do not lead to the expected results.

In the case of Liderprop, the CMCPSI did not disclose what the marketing and communication strategy will be; nor the amount of advertising investment to position the search engine. And a no less important detail, they did not say either if the real estate companies that promote the initiative will stop publishing their properties on the portals of the companies with which they seek to compete.

It seems that the leaders do not manage to measure who they have chosen as enemies, nor the efforts that a brand implies to generate trust and loyalty in the minds of customers. Let’s see some numbers, which anyone can access by entering SimilarWeb -an American web analysis company that specializes in portal traffic and performance-, to chart the panorama where Liderprop will try to compete.

Ranking of the 5 main property search platforms in number of monthly visits:

  • Zoneprop: 7.5 million
  • Argenprop: 3 million
  • Remax: 1.7 million
  • Mudafy: 1.1 million
  • Ownership: 550 million.

Other interesting facts that emerge from the statistics:

  • It is estimated that the number of properties viewed by users, per month, on these 5 platforms is around 20 million.
  • In recent months, the fastest growing platforms in Argentina were REMAX and Mudafy.
  • Regarding Mercado Libre Inmuebles, based on unofficial information, it is estimated that the number of searches could be close to a million and a half.

On the other hand, the numbers of the search engines managed by the Associations of Hammersmiths in an isolated way show these statistical figures of their monthly visits:

  • Leaderprop 90 thousand
  • Mendozaprop: 40,000
  • Cabaprop: 30,000
  • Cordobaprop: 7,000
  • BA auctioneers: 5,000

The numbers are compelling. In addition, the statistical record shows that During the last 4 months, visits to Liderprop have been falling significantly.

For this reason, some professionals doubt about what would be the benefits of publishing your properties in poorly managed search engines which, time and time again, prove to be ineffective.


Zonaprop leads the market.

Zonaprop leads the market.

The failed past of Liderprop

The Liderprop portal was created by CMCPSI in 2014 under the presidency of Carlos Maria Ipuche. And 4 years later, during the same administration (which after 18 years was interrupted in 2022 with the assumption of Paula Méndez), Ipuche presented to the members of the Association a report on the performance of the portal.

The then president recognized the failure Liderprop stating that the search engine had fewer and fewer visits and the operations that were carried out through it were practically nil. By then, proptechs such as Zonaprop and Argenprop were leaders in the online property search market.

The following year, in 2019, the CMCPSI decided in an Extraordinary Assembly to grant the Liderprop concession to Superbid, a pioneering Brazilian group in online auctions in Latin America. In this new stage, Liderprop (whose domain continues to be owned by CMCPSI) will be operated in Argentina through SBN Auctions SAalliance between Superbid and the local company Narvaez Auctions.

With this background, and added to the experiences of the school seekers, the expectations for this stage of Liderprop they are not auspicious.

However, in this way it will manage to demonstrate some positive indicator in the coming months, It is not the way out of the crisis that the sector is waiting for.

If a change of vision and direction in the decisions of the leaderships did not occur, and a collective solution that involves the entire real estate community continued to be despised, “a new chapter will be being written in this long chronicle of an announced failure“, was the conclusion of those consulted.


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Association of Hammers of San Isidro vs. ZonaProp: Liderprop