“At school with the heart”: institutions and volunteers discuss life

Learn how to save a life. Starting from the school desks. This is the meaning of the conference scheduled for next Saturday (November 26) at the Real Collegio in Lucca. The event, At school with the heart, how to teach how to save a life. Institutions and volunteering comparedis organized by the voluntary association Mirco Ungaretti Odv of Capannori to celebrate its first 10 years of activity.

The Mirco Ungaretti association founded in memory of the young volunteer who died in 2009 due to sudden cardiac arrest, aims to evaluate what is being done in Italy after the enactment of two laws on the subject: law 105 of the Good School of 2015 and 116 of August 2021 called the Law of the heart. With this moment of confrontation, the association wants to look for a synergistic point of collaboration between the various sector associations, national institutions, schools and the 118, focusing on training of teachers of all levelsas instructors of life-saving maneuvers Blsd.

“The association – explains a note – has in fact estimated and demonstrated with the data collected in 10 years of activity and above all in the last 2 years of the pandemic, where most of the volunteers could not enter the schools, which thanks to a collaboration born with the 118 of the vast North West Tuscany area and the Lucca Massa and Carrara superintendency, donating training as an instructor of lay Blsd maneuvers to masters and professors an average of about 210 students per teacher can be reached, in proportion to the number of students in the school (e.g. 1000 students 5 teacher instructors). Demonstrating how every teacher had managed to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation and some entire school complexes in a school year even during a pandemic such as the one experienced due to covid19 “.

They will be present Paula Frassinettiundersecretary of state in the ministry of education and merit, the former minister of education Stefani Gianninithe vice president of the Chamber of Deputies George Mule and the former honorable Mara Lapia, first signatory of law 116 of 4 August 2021.

“What happened in the ITI gymnasium of Lucca – observes the undersecretary Paola Frassinetti – is not only a great act of courage, but the demonstration of how the presence of a defibrillator, together with the teaching and dissemination of the life-saving maneuver already from school, is essential. I am proud that, thanks to my bill passed last year, we now have more AEDs in public places. More defibrillators save more lives. All my gratitude goes to the student and the employee who were able to act promptly, performing an incredible act. I also want to thank all the schools which, within their own autonomy, are dedicating specific information and training initiatives for the use of defibrillators and BLSD maneuvers, hoping that there will be more and more”.

“The law of the heart – declared the first signatory Mara Lapia – on the use and obligation of automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators in non-hospital contexts has made Italy a more civilized country and more attentive to the protection of the health and life of women people. The revolutionary significance of this rule lies in the fact that public administrations and places with a high number of visitors such as ports, airports and stations are obliged to equip themselves with automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators, giving every citizen the possibility, both trained and untrained in the use of the AED, to act promptly in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. It also modified article 54 of the Penal Code: no one can ever again be prosecuted for using an AED in situations of absolute emergency and outside hospital contexts. Anyone can therefore save a life today and all citizens, with this law, have been put in a position to be able to act promptly”.

The conference will take place in a single day and will be divided into several moments: an institutional one to take stock of the situation at national and legislative level, with a preamble on what is happening in Europe; a scientific one to make a point on sudden cardiac death and the importance of having to intervene as quickly as possible. Finally, space for teacher training with the model used in Lucca’s schools, ways and opportunities. The Vita project will be discussed with an eye to the future by the Irc Council and the University of Pisa.

A space for discussion will follow to understand how the associations are moving and which projects on the subject are in Italy and to produce a single proposal document to be brought to the institutional tables.

There will be some testimonies of intervention in the field and the delivery of the BSLD Angel 2022 award to the lay rescuers who intervened in the rescue.

The day, after the greetings of the institutions, will take place with an alternation of speakers such as Silvia Scelsi, president of the Italian resuscitation council, Andrea Scapigliati of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Stephanie Bertocchi representing Life Italy ProjectDavide Giorgi Utic San Luca hospital in Lucca, Umberto Paradossi cardiologist at the heart hospital in Massa Alberto Giannoni of the Sant’Anna High School and Ftgm.

A round table entitled Teacher training instructors Blsd: Lucca is there, is it a model to export? We are looking for a common way to ensure that everyone has this possibility Paola Noviello, teacher instructor Mirco Ungaretti Odv Polo Itis Fermi Giorgi, Donatella Buonriposi, director of the provincial school office of Lucca, Andrea Nicolini, Thomas Tori, Stefano Nani of the 118 respectively of Lucca, Arezzo and Piacenza will participate; Silvia Scelsi, president of the Italian Resuscitation Council Bologna; Marcello Segre, of the Italian association Heart and Resuscitation Onlus and Progetto Vita Italia¸Giovanna Napolitano, volunteer of Mirco Ungaretti Odv and spokesperson for the world of volunteering in Lucca.

“Since before the pandemic we have taken an active part in the initiatives of the Mirco Ungaretti Odv association – explains Donatella Bunoriposi, supervisor of studies in Lucca – organizing training in the correct use of the defibrillator for young students but also for teachers. We strongly believe in these activities that aim to save the lives of many, as has often happened and thanks to the courses they were able to intervene both some students and teachers in immediate relief. These are activities that attract young people a lot. We can now say that thanks to the Mirco Ungaretti association, our schools and gyms are all equipped with a Dae and have trained teachers and trainers within them. The practical use of the bsld has even been brought to the final exams since 2017″.

In the afternoon we will talk about the importance of information and the role of the press with Sirio Del Grande, head of communication Usl Toscana Nord Ovest and the importance of the story the role of communication with Dr. Giuliano Bianucci of the Project within everyone.

There will also be space for associations with their experiences, projects and testimonials.

During the morning, in parallel with the work of the conference, ‘blsd’ courses will be held for 70 students of the artistic high school ‘Passaglia’ of Lucca carried out by teacher instructors and volunteers of the associations present while the students of the higher education institute Sandro Pertini they will be present in the hall in the school-work alternation project activated ad hoc as regards interviews and video editing.

Participation is free upon registration on the site: (Click here). For info: mircoungarettitionlus@hotmail.it

“At school with the heart”: institutions and volunteers discuss life-saving techniques – Luccaindiretta