Attorneys camp on the outskirts of schools for enrollment

Rows on the outskirts of schools in the main cities of the country have been seen for a few days. These are families waiting for a place for their children to access these establishments, after having applied unsuccessfully in the School Admission System.

On the outskirts of the Colegio Salesiano el Patrocinio de San José de Providenciaproxies They explained this day that there is a Lack of options, after being rejected from preferred schools. Parents argued that after years of trying, it was better to apply in person, since in the SAE They never stayed in the preferred establishments.

In front of the María Inmaculada de Providencia School, a proxy was assaulted during the early hours of the morning.

Four people with guns got out, they reduced me, they took me out of the vehicle… They left me lying on the groundthey stole my watch, cell phone, vehicle, work computer and some other personal items,” the victim told 24 hours.

We are all parents who are looking for a place in a school and what bothers me a lot is that we have to spend a night. We got here a little before twelve at night,” she added.

The situation was repeated in other areas of the country.

Representatives on the outskirts of the María Inmaculada de Concepción school, in the Biobío Region, told that they had been queuing for more than 24 hours to get a vacancy in the establishment.

Since their administration they indicated that receive around 1,500 applications and that only twenty are accepted.

Marisol Meléndez, director of the school explained in an interview in 24 hourswhat many families are forced to stand in lineDue to the fact that they are looking for the establishment due to its proximity or because of relatives studying at the same school, criteria, which are supposed to be considered by SAE in its selection.

Regarding the situation in the Maule region, representatives in schools in Talca claim to have The wait started on December 24 and even, like many other proxies in the countrythey fear that this wait will extend to spending the whole summer for a vacancy for your priority establishments.

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, referred to the situation of families throughout the country.

“For the first year we found an important number, The number of families that are changing their children from establishments has increased by a fairly significant percentage, this had not happened in previous years, therefore, the system is much more demanding”, he explained.

The minister assured that at least 70% of the students were able to access the priority establishment, which left 30% pending looking for a license plate.

In addition, the Secretary of State announced that for next year the process will be strictly digital, in order to avoid the eternal lines.

The mayor of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei, meanwhile, questioned the School Admission System in statements to 24 Hours.

“We have seen… a brother stays in a commune, the other brother stays in another commune, a brother stays in the morning, the brother stays in the afternoon. This is chaos for families. I believe that it is indeed time to reevaluate this reform that was carried out six years ago,” said the community chief.

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Attorneys camp on the outskirts of schools for enrollment – La Tercera