Authorities investigate student abuse at Gualaca school

Panama- One criminal complaint by child abuse interposed before the Family Prosecutor’s Officein David, the lady Yuly Quirozpresident of the Parents Association of Familyof Jesus Maria Pl Schoolto, located in gualaca, Chiriqui.

As detailed by the high representative of the parents of the Pla, the Family Prosecutor opened file and start atto investigation, by alleged mistreatment committed against various students what are they presenting special health conditions, by Professor Quitzaliris Urriothe, who dictates the chair of Physical education On campus.

Quiroz, explained that after it was taken your statement at the Prosecutor’s Office, the official who attended her expressed his complacencybecause dared to denounce the mistreatment of which they are being subjected students of Jesus Maria Pla School.

This case is related to the abuseas denounced Quiroz, commits the physical education teacheragainst several students that for medical order they can’t do efforts and she forces them to run or other kind of activities that are not allowed to them, due to their health condition.

The representative of the parents of this school in Gualaca, also filed complaints against Urriola, the director in charge of the school, Niurka Quintero and Raquel Castillo, Regional Director of the Ministry of Education (Meduca), before the National Secretariat for Disability (Senadis), the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (Senniaf), and the Ombudsman, requesting that all of them be dismissed.

To date, Quiroz is at the wait for these authorities to formalize their complaintsdespite the fact that this Tuesday the regional director of Meduca spoke, ensuring that the entity is investigating the case.

This Monday, the family mothers of several students from Pla, whose children were affected by the alleged mistreatment from the teacher of Physical educationthey were waiting for the Meduca Regionalwho on Friday had promised to talk to those involved in this case on campus.

As the Regional did not appear, the director in charge of the Pla and the denounced teacherwere the ones who attended the family mothersbut after a heated meeting did not reach any agreement, because the mothers of families did not agree to allow their children to finish the school year by modules or that at this time of the year it is intended to adapt them due to their special health conditions.

Quiroz, who did not participate in said meeting at the request of teachers Quintero and Urriola, questioned why they intend to take action after so many months, “now that the school year is ending”, and that there is not much to do.

Prior to take some other actionQuiroz will wait for the research results of the case that advance the Ombudsman, Senadis and Senniaf, because as far as the Family Prosecutor’s Officethey were informed that the family mothers must come with your children -affected- to declare.

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Authorities investigate student abuse at Gualaca school