Avis, school project: exploitation of requests for school meetings

The Treviso Provincial Avis School Project, dedicated to raising awareness among the young generations on the issues of solidarity, donation and health, has recorded a real exploit of requests by the schools of the Marca Trevigiana with an increase of around 45% in applications compared to 2021.

«In 2021 we met around 15,000 pupils for a total of 777 classes reached, this year we have already exceeded 22,000 participating students, between scheduled interventions and activities to be planned in the coming months for a total of 1,132 classes involved» underlines Graziana Fuser, vice president of Treviso Provincial Avis and head of the School Project.

The already scheduled workshops will reach as many as 9,923 students from 13 kindergartens, 31 primary schools, 17 middle schools and 16 high schools by May. With the beginning of 2023, Avis will go to develop and plan the remaining projects, which will concern another 623 classes for almost 12,500 interested pupils and pupils. A remarkable success, which Avis Provinciale is managing by increasing the number of volunteers involved in the various activities, all of high educational value, calibrated according to the age of the participants and managed by professional operators. It ranges from creative painting ateliers, to fairy tale readings, from laboratories on new technologies to theater, to the highly appreciated Giocavis which helps to understand the role of the association in finding volunteers and coordinating the collection of blood so as not to miss it to whoever needs it.

«The commitment and attention to the promotion of blood and blood component donations among school desks are always present. After the difficult period of the pandemic, the new flourishing of requests from local schools is a good sign of attention. This renewed impetus, with the exponential growth of applications to join our School Project, demonstrates a growing attention in promoting, through meetings and training, the values ​​of altruism and civic sense among the younger generations» continues Vice President Fuser.

The School Project is developed by the Provincial of Treviso with the coordination of Avis Regionale del Veneto and involves over one hundred volunteers who will be increased with another 20 volunteers (who have given their willingness to support professional operators to be able to satisfy all requests). The initiative consists of a contact person for each of the 89 Municipal Avis of the Marca Trevigiana with the addition of five groups in the area (Treviso, Opitergino, Castellana, Montelliana and Sinistra Piave) called to act as connection between schools and the Avisina association, proposing training courses ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. The objective of creating, through education and the sharing of experiences, a culture of donation that is increasingly rooted among young people destined to be future donors, attentive and participating in a good cause. For information on Avis Scuola projects in the Treviso area: [email protected]

Avis, school project: exploitation of requests for school meetings – Il Nuovo Terraglio