Ayacucho: Arbitration delays delivery of school in Cristo Rey de Cora Cora

An administrative process for the application of penalties between the Regional Government of Ayacucho (GRA) and the executing consortium GIR Engineering and Construction General Contractors SAC hinders the formal delivery of the new infrastructure of Industrial College No. 12 “Cristo Rey” of Coracora.

The work is highly anticipated by the educational community and the population of Parinacochas.

The construction of the new infrastructure of the “Cristo Rey” of Coracora culminated approximately 3 months ago, however, to date the work has not been delivered.


According to the contract for the execution of the work, with its respective modifications, the construction of the new infrastructure should have been completed on July 31 of this year; however, until that date the consortium had not completed the installation of electricity and did so only on August 26, for which the regional government intends to apply an economic penalty for each day of delay.

However, as it was learned, the executing consortium does not accept the application of penalties, arguing that the new facilities that the infrastructure will have with machines and equipment for technical education needed a license for a greater energy capacity, which required cumbersome procedures before ElectroDunas and that even required the intervention of Osinergmin.

ENDANGERED. In this sense, the GRA and the consortium entered into a conciliation process whose dates are constantly being rescheduled with the risk that if an agreement is not reached, an arbitration process would be initiated, which would further delay the delivery of the renovated campus. to the detriment of schoolchildren.

“All environments, water and energy is ready. We are waiting for them to reconcile, to give a solution, so that the issue is resolved soon, we need the place to move, the rainy season is coming and we are overcrowded (in temporary facilities) we have more students, we want issues to be avoided arbitration suits no one”, said César López Meza, director of the campus.

EQUIPMENT. It should be noted that it is also expected that this month the process of implementing the new infrastructure will be completed with machinery for the 7 technical areas of the school, such as production mechanics, driving force, carpentry, the food industry, the clothing industry, weaving, computing. This work is in charge of the Regional Government of Ayacucho, via direct administration.

COMPONENTS. This educational work contemplates the construction of 10 educational modules, 16 functional classrooms (personal development, social and citizenship, communication, languages, mathematics, art, science and technology, technological innovation), 07 classrooms for workshops (computers / graphic design, mechanical production, carpentry, textile manufacturing, cutting and dressing, automotive mechanics, pastry and bakery sum dining room kiosk pantry kitchen).

It also contemplates the construction of a science, technology and environment laboratory, 01 technological innovation classroom, 01 educational resource center, 01 pedagogical innovation classroom library and a charging center or connectivity module.

Ayacucho: Arbitration delays delivery of school in Cristo Rey de Cora Cora