Back to school, bus capacity returns to 100%: on half masks until 30 September

Convened by the Prefect Daniela Lupo, the School-Transport Table was held for the examination of the services for the start of the 2022/2023 school year, finally scheduled to guarantee the return to the load capacity of the buses at 100% of the seats indicated in the registration certificate. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Province of Piacenza, the Municipality of Piacenza, the Regional School Office – Piacenza headquarters, Tempi Agenzia, Seta, RFI, Trenitalia TPER and Trenord, as well as law enforcement agencies.

“The full recovery of the bus and courier service – stated the representative of Seta – takes place in a context of renewed normality as regards access to vehicles, as the previous regulations for capacity reduction are no longer in force: on public transport is therefore allowed to occupy all the available seats, including the standing seats provided for in the registration certificate of each urban and extra-urban bus. By way of example, a normal 12-meter urban bus is able to load on average about 85-90 passengers, which rise to over 120 for the 18-meter articulated vehicles. “

“Public transport services – communicates the Prefecture -, with timetables that will follow those in force in 2019, will be enhanced, thanks to regional funding, with some of the additional rides introduced during the pandemic. Pending the definition of the definitive timetables by the various schools, the plan will be subject to the usual monitoring period of Seta and Tempi Agenzia which will verify its effectiveness, identifying and resolving any critical issues. Sample checks will also continue both at stops and on local public transport and rail vehicles, where the use of Ffp2 personal protective equipment is mandatory until 30 September; the members of the table were invited to sensitize citizens to respect the rules of conduct “.

The school administrators and the Student Council were involved in the planning of dissemination and awareness-raising initiatives in schools. The division of tasks has been confirmed, with the State Police engaged in the secondary schools of the second degree and the local police in the first degree schools, with the support of the Carabinieri in the provincial territory, for prevention services particularly aimed at dealing drugs and bullying, which may occur inside or outside the institutions. For any further information and updates, please consult the website Users can also contact Seta by phone at 840 000 216, or via WhatsApp at 334 2194058: both services are active from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00.

Back to school, bus capacity returns to 100%: on half masks until 30 September –